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Profiles on the Colorless

  1. #333532012-07-15 04:04:40AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I've done it but I couldn't think of much to add. So I just went on my facebook page and took some of my old statuses off of there, and just pasted them on my profile. It's nothing special.

  2. #379672012-09-01 20:09:15Lycan said:

    Hey everyone, Bumped this because maybe there are new users. Maybe there are people who missed this clearly superior-to-all-other-threads thread. Maybe someone just didn't update their profile yet. Maybe call me, maybe?

  3. #526332013-04-09 12:33:11Lycan said:

    Bump, because all the cute new users are helpless and lost.
    And some older users might be so senile they forgot to write anything in the first place.

  4. #526362013-04-09 12:47:59deng said:

    Give me dem stalker badges pl0x.
    But yeah, probably a lurker badge missing in there somewhere. Should be there. And almost everyone would have one. But it's not. Come on, I know you want one~

    Just to stay on topic.