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  1. Toonami's return and thoughts

    #303712012-06-20 05:00:16Sol420 said:

    It's been almost a month since Toonami's return on may 26th and honestly, it was great just seeing Tom back on the screen again. But once the nostalgic euphoria died down there were a few things about this revival that worry me, especially considering that we're still in the trial phase at this point.

    I could list off all of my points in detail but what they all come down to is that times have changed. Back when toonami was at it's peak in the 90s and early 2000s, the internet and TV were more or less on equal footing. Nowadays, the internet is king while TV has, more or less, become a redundant medium. All of toonami's current shows are available for free online on both legal and illegal sites at any time so staying up till midnight just seems like a waste of time.

    I don't mean to sound overly pessimistic because I really am glad that toonami's back and I hope it will succeed. But at the same time, i'm worried about the myriad of ways this can all go south. So what do you guys think about Toonami's return?

  2. #303772012-06-20 08:12:03NGH said:

    Although the return of Toonami is great, it's not meant for the old fans anymore. I'm guessing that it's instead targeting the next generation, so that's why it doesn't seem the same. I'm surprised people haven't figured this out.

  3. #303792012-06-20 08:29:03Sol said:

    Trust me, the way i thought Toonami was coming back was with the old Shows first, then some new shit. I won't say that the New gen Toonami is a big letdown, but it didnt reach my expectations. BUUUT im still glad its at least there again. So, im expecting some things so im kinda hyped.

    @NGH Indeed and agreed.

  4. #303822012-06-20 09:45:59momo said:

    It has been enough of a hit that they have licensed a couple new shows, so expect it to crop up the new generation of anime fans. It won't merely be nostalgia-pandering, but a new thing if the viewership, and thus ad revenue, keeps up.

  5. #304642012-06-21 00:27:51animeftw said:

    the shows are pretty good, if only they would just start Toonami a little earlier like 10:00 pm or 11? since once midnight comes around i get sleepy and cant seem to stay up

  6. #304742012-06-21 01:58:56 *Settsuo-kun said:

    The Toonami of the past will forever remain in the past, but I wish they would at least throw in a show which wasn't finished on the original. Any would do, as many continued to go on after the cancellation. Many people not into anime, thought with the cancellation of Toonami the shows as well were cancelled. So I think even one old school show would increase it's viewership exponentially. This doesn't mean I don't like the new shows, just for Toonami's sake pay homage to shows that many expect to see when they hear Tom. I don't want to go through this feeling of loss again T_T

  7. #309442012-06-24 07:55:09AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I'm just glad it's back. It's been so long that I almost forgot what the original was like. I miss the old shows it used to play but I won't complain about the new ones. Toonami is just geared toward making new fans. It's just good to see Tom back in action.