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    #305642012-06-21 15:32:29 *someone said:

    So because summer, there's been a wave of new people showing up lately (hi, guys!), and I merely want to remind you guys of a simple message:

    Just because you are new does not mean it is an excuse to start up useless threads or make reposts of them. Bad threads make this site a sad panda.

    Now how do you not end up like this guy? Simple. Look to the right side of the page. See the words "Enter search terms"? That's the search bar. Use it. Love it. Have a question of about site functionality (or gravatars, we get volumes of people asking that)? Check the FAQ.

    We also have an introduction thread here, so make yourself known there, or come on over to chat to talk to us, we don't bite (mostly).

    Once again, welcome, new users! Remember, browse smart: browse S-Mart.

  2. #305702012-06-21 17:07:32Ecstasy said:

    FAQ serves the purpose, but people never read it.

    There's no sticky option so far, so all we can do is bump this thread with random chatting.

  3. #305762012-06-21 17:30:05Noodle said:

    Stickies are awesome. I don't get why we don't have them. Are you admins afraid to turn this site into the old one? The old forum had some functions I really miss like a list of liked threads for example. Now threads are easily lost if they are inactive.

    Also an obligagory tutorial would only do good. And just to be a pain in the ass I would vote for a bunch of "hey, listen!" annotations all around the site.

  4. #305802012-06-21 17:35:15eterno said:

    I also think we should bring back thread merging. Locking new ones and referring to the old one doesn't work as well because no one would post on the old one anymore.

  5. #305922012-06-21 18:42:40Gargron said:

    This thread is not helping anything. It is a complaint towards new members, and less directly, towards the staff. You can achieve something with currently active users like that, but it will be useless in the long term.

    Now, I'll try to address your remarks with the best of my abilities.

    Yes, we should have stickies. Has been suggested for so long, but apparently tags and announcements are superior, derp.

    No, it's not that. It's that the concept of "stickies" is difficult to integrate with a lively forum (hereby "lively" stands for "threads on the frontpage change regularly"). It has been a real problem on the old site, when the stickies overtook the entire over-the-fold area so that you had to scroll down every time to see any updates.

    It has been previously suggested that a "Sticky" option should be added among "Popular", "New" et al. It is a suggestion I support, though it goes into the FAQ direction in the aspect that the FAQ link is perfectly visible, but still not visited.

    Are you admins afraid to turn this site into the old one?

    I am afraid to take the site back into a direction from which it becomes not maintainable once again by acting too quickly. Reacting to user suggestions snappily can result in throw-in, terrible solutions and spaghetti code. We'll rather wait it out, plan it out, and implement things when the time comes.

    More like we took a step to the side and then a really big step back. We lost a damn lot of functions, and now, for whatever reasons, those are being re-made again - like profiles, for example. Lots of work and we are now just trying to return to where we were.

    It has been a decision to focus on main function versus additional functions. The old site had everything: chat, forum, a twitter clone, a danbooru clone, bookmarks, profiles, I don't remember it all. Each one of this bunch was poorly designed (I'm not talking visuals, I mean architecture).

    Now we concentrate on the forum and the chat, and will implement additional functions that are really needed for these two.

    especially when the "popular threads" section doesn't even list those threads that are popular right now if those popular threads are older than, like, a week. Writer's Corner hasn't been in there for weeks, yet likes are growing pretty damn nicely, for example

    Threads decay. It isn't "who's got most likes overall" competition, it's rather set to present the good stuff of the new stuff to people. The circulation depends on the rate of new threads and the number of likes threads usually receive. The effect would be a little more successful with more people upvoting regularly.

    Also an obligagory tutorial would only do good. And just to be a pain in the ass I would vote for a bunch of "hey, listen!" annotations all around the site.

    I like this.

    For all of this, remember: Each and every one of the admins cannot work on the site full-time, though we're trying. For each and every thing some of our most vocal comrades up there demand, one or all of us have to find time for - and put in a lot of work.

    Cheer on, Colorless. Eugen

  6. #305982012-06-21 18:50:58Chestnut_Rice said:

    I must be new. I simply can not fathom how stickies can take over so much of the front page that you have to scroll down to see discussion threads. @_@

  7. #306002012-06-21 19:07:26 *Deftones said:

    The new users are not to blame. If some of you guys stopped being elitist, and tried educating new users, maybe some of them would grow into wonderful users. Also, with that hello(cats) thread, I think @Gargron was just trying to keep a user around.

    What I'm trying to say is, if we keep treating new users like crap, this site will crash and burn. The site is only as good as it's community.

  8. #306012012-06-21 19:10:55 *Viral said:

    Well seeing as we're going to be getting new people this summer, should we bring back a general 'Hello I'm new here' thread? Like when people register, they go through the tutorial/faq, then the only way to finish the tutorial/let them onto chat is to post in the i'm new here thread?

  9. #306042012-06-21 19:20:02 *Settsuo-kun said:

    I completely agree with @Deftones it's sad the way new users are treated these days. Yea, i'm not one for "DRRR!"threads", or the Gravatar, or the "FAQ", or "I'm New", but at least point them in the right direction so they know. Not everyone has the holy trait common sense, but treating them a bit better will only help to encourage people to stay and add more variety to the site.

    As for a drastic solution~

    I was on this one site a few years back where basically you we're on a limited probationary period when you joined. At first I complained to the admins where they basically told me, it's for the protection of established users and to prevent negligent posting such as NSFW, Useless, Duplicates and what not. This only applied to threads though, which basically got sent to the Admins and Mods where they could go through it and see if proper guidelines were met. I thought it was a hassle at first, but it's not a bad idea when your being bombarded by new users everyday.

  10. #306302012-06-21 22:06:17Ashkachan said:

    I like the idea of sticky threads.


    Would they even be used that often? This is the only complaint I have, really. =/

  11. #306312012-06-21 22:07:05Trev said:

    You guys do realize that traffic is up 30% from last year right? There is no "downward spiral", but there will be if you keep acting like there is.

  12. #306432012-06-22 00:01:50Maryam said:

    Thank you @someone. Finally someone made a thread for us.



    15 days. I swear to fucking god...

    Nobutseriously, this thread is very helpful.

  13. #306632012-06-22 03:16:02Chestnut_Rice said:

    I believe the admins are trying really hard to balance between an anonymous, 4chan-feel with a "proper forum" feel. I applaud them for that. Did you know moot goes through the same struggle every day? Whether or not to change this or that. He's often berated for doing any thing, for trying to keep a good balance between quality and anonymity and samefagging and shitposts. This is what's happening here, really. So the best thing we can do is offer feedback, and whether the devs listen to us or not, is their decision. As for the summerfag issue, the FAQ is right there. At the top. Shovel those who don't read it.

    And Gar, I got your pm. That's actually pretty horrifying.