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  1. Supreme Court Rules Against FCC Decency Standards

    #307222012-06-22 10:55:54Trev said:

    In essence, the US Supreme Court has ruled it illegal to fine TV broadcasters for obscenity, vulgarity, profanity, and nudity on public broadcast television.

    It's not clear just yet what the day to day ramifications of this ruling will be, but it's probably safe to say that most major broadcasters will still heavily self-regulate to avoid backlash. That said, you can definitely expect some edgier content in the future.

    I'm interested to see how this effects paid TV services like HBO now that their main draw (no censorship) is on an even playing field with broadcast TV.

  2. #307242012-06-22 11:51:21Gargron said:

    I don't really know a lot about the cursing issue in the US except for stories my English teacher, a man I trust and respect, has told us back in the days. Can you be really thrown out of a classroom for cursing? Was a passenger really banned from a plane because he cursed? That being said, I guess it must depend on the type of school and the type of plane too. But is it really the general notion in the public?

    And while hearing those rumours, who curses most? People in American films and American music. That's kind of a contrast. So yes, weird.

    Maybe this move will actually improve the... um... cursing... sphere. In the sense that it must be cool if it is forbidden, maybe the cursing in the channels I mentioned in the above paragraph will actually decrease to a sane level.

  3. #307452012-06-22 14:14:57Trev said:

    @Gargron: Typically one is not allowed to curse in a high school or lower classroom; however at a public university it's not usually an issue if a person swears occasionally. The person with the filthiest mouth at my school is an engineering instructor.

    On a plane, anything that causes a disturbance to passengers is grounds for both a fine and removal from the aircraft, per FAA regulations.

  4. #307822012-06-22 19:43:35Ethereal said:

    This is definitely something I did not expect to happen just yet. I don't really watch much TV but this does raise my curiosity about what it's going to do to it.

  5. #308052012-06-22 22:33:07twelve said:

    Compared to what they allow on British tv, US television isn't all that bad. Hopefully we'll see less watered down shows.

  6. #308072012-06-22 23:17:56twelve said:

    ...What? Public broadcasting rarely comes close to saying the word shit or dick and they freak out when there's a hint of nudity. They barely curse on late night talk shows.