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  1. Partnership with french Dollars ?

    #3122011-12-25 17:49:11 *Yuu-kun said:

    Hi ! I'm a french student who loves DRRR!! like you, and I'm a bit surprised by the fact that there are many japanese and english forums inspirated from the Dollars created by Mikado-kun, but none french. I was wondering if french Durarara lovers would sign up for english Dollars or derivated (my english is a bit approximative, sorry ><) like the Colorless, and in my new-born french forum we often refers to the Colorless... Then, why don't we make a partnership together ? I could understand that you members and founders would be against this, but I hope it would be possible. See you soon !

  2. #3512011-12-25 22:03:07Dante_Butler said:

    i wrote a long ass text and when i tried to post it the site went 502 ...darn so here's the short version: This site isn't supposed to resemble the Dollars at all. The only thing that both communities have in common is the chat [kinda] Show our mods some appreciation because they work effin' hard to make this community more unique and more awesome every day. So i would like to suggest that you and your french guys move your asses over here and join this great site instead of trying to build up some strange and useless partnership.


    --ps: i need to learn how to spoilertext--

  3. #3652011-12-25 22:31:34someone said:

    While its roots are from the Dollars, the entire purpose of the site redesign is to distance ourselves from that.

    This post is proving that you're missing the point.

  4. #5682011-12-26 11:37:35 *Ecstasy said:

    there are some steps you can start with.
    1. you can show your french friends our site so that they can decide whether they like it or not.
    2. you can create a french thread (like we have here Russian Thread or Swedish one)
    3. You can create your own chat channel ( like the russian one for example)
    4. And the most importiant I think - for any suggestions you can contact our admins by posting here or writting a PM to our Admin or any other stuff member.

  5. #572482013-06-04 09:44:02Yuu-kun said:

    Thank you guys, of course i've talk about the Colorless with my friends, sorry for the confusion with the Dollars, I've to admit that the logo, name, and people are not exactly the same than the Dollars... Just kidding, I really like this site, but even if you say that you have nothing in common, I'm not sure that everyone dont have a think about the Dollars community when they see your site. I'm not criticizing the Colorless and they're uniqueness, hm ! Love you guys x)

  6. #572492013-06-04 09:52:24 *someone said:

    I know you didn't mean to post that with bad intentions, but my goodness posting in a 1.5 year old thread is quite something.