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Katawa Shoujo - Disability Girls

  1. #33622012-01-02 17:42:13ImagineBreaker said:

    @Flywalker37 there's quite a few free VNs out there but I know what you mean XD

    @break full voice? That's not very common in free doujin VNs especially since none of the other releases were voiced were they? Well it's possible, I just doubt it that's all.

  2. #33662012-01-02 17:56:40break said:

    well yes, thats why im wodnering XD considering quite a hype formed about it, maybe someone wll do a voiceover later on. maybe.

  3. #33992012-01-02 19:07:45momo said:
    • Will not be voiced, no.
    • I wouldn't be surprised if there was a vioce patch produced by a third-party.
    • Will be 18+, though there were talks of being able to skip H-scenes in the early days of development.
  4. #35332012-01-02 23:44:05Ashkachan said:


    This better not be a joke, I've been waiting a long time for this to happen.

    I want to pick Rin's route first, no joke.

  5. #36472012-01-03 07:03:07 *Mairu said:

    Shizune is my favorite. Emi coming in second then Lilly. Last, Rin. I just don't really love Rin as much. She just seem so.. flat? Shizune is fiery and energetic.(Reason why I love Emi aswell) She may be a bit shallow ,but she is speak-signing- her mind out. She knows her limits ,but is able to take risks. She enforces law and shes so adorable. Poor Pink-Haired-Girl-Whose-Name-Escapes-Me though, She has to be able to translate it all so fast and on the spot.

    EDIT: You are able to go after Kenji? I want to switch routes to him after Shizune if that's the case.

  6. #37042012-01-03 10:13:27VivoDePyre said:

    I'm really impressed with this game so far. When it gained popularity, I still heard of it from the "bangin' cripple chicks game" perspective, didn't give it much interest. However, playing through it a little bit, it's much better than I expected. I like the main character well enough, the level of description is nice without dragging on too far, none of the characters annoy me, etc...

    Like most people, Rin caught my attention pretty early in. Her upfront yet floaty personality interests me, and I want to take that route without question. However, I could go just about any route really. Shizune is pretty cool, but a little too impersonal for me. I like the archetype, but I have yet to see any guts or character. I can't do the stereotypical shy girl Hanako, but the blonde Lilly is pretty nice. I might do Lilly's path first, just because she seems to be low on people's lists.

  7. #41302012-01-04 13:33:41VivoDePyre said:

    just finished my first path with Lilly. I won't spoil anything, but I got a bad ending at first and it was really sad. It's 8:30AM now, and I wasn't going to give up until I got the good ending. Really good story though, was very pleased with it. I look forward to the next paths I take.

  8. #41432012-01-04 14:51:42Flywalker37 said:

    Downloading this when my new laptop gets here... In the meantime will finish up the demo

    Its been a week WHERE THE HELL IS MY NEW LAPTOP ;-;