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  1. #317992012-07-01 16:28:28VivoDePyre said:

    Well, pretty interesting idea. Unfortunately, I didn't derive any useful information from all of this. Thanks for the info though.

  2. #318012012-07-01 17:10:21DeathByBiscuit said:

    I don't really care for any of the information you give there, if you put the shows that most people will watch, I'm sure there are a bunch of online polls with information about what people are going to watch. This is just my opinion and over all I do think that the slideshow is informative, just not with information I care about.

  3. #318392012-07-02 01:05:21n1xx said:

    A very concise, yet informative summary of the Summer 2012 anime series.

    Often, depending on what an individual may look for in an anime series, they will research different aspects, such as voice-actors, animation studios, its origin(visual novels, manga, light novels, etc.) or simply evaluate it by genre. In my most humble opinion, you have managed to aim those who look for anime, based on certain criteria.

    As mentioned above, polishing up the organization and design of your presentation may attract more interest to your innovative idea.

    Best of luck in your project's continuation and may it prosper! ;D