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Your OCs!

  1. #650102013-10-26 20:26:40Arachne said:

    Dis thread be dying, needs moar posts http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x380/ruberfilum/IMG1.png

    ermahgerd dis bitch is more pwrful than sailor senshis combined, for reals this is based on a person from kalevala

  2. #650142013-10-26 20:54:35Arachne said:


    Dem biceps


    such special

    so sexy


    make me jizz


    so hawt


    jk, I see a big improvement between the styles, I haven't seen you draw characters with more realistic anatomy, great job pal

  3. #650162013-10-26 22:33:30 *MrTrain said:

    @Arachne Haha thanks, but I think this would count as "fake improvement" because I decided to go out of my way to draw like that. I doubt you'll see many other times I'll attempt it again.

  4. #650352013-10-27 18:21:31TeruShinozaki said:

    To add to the pile of non-serious OCs in this thread:


    G-Get it, because his hat looks like a taco and his hair looks like grated cheese and his shorts looks like lettuce and.............



  5. #650572013-10-28 00:07:08Usagii said:

    omfg!!! he is the cutest what a cute designs too omg teru all your art is so cute i die a little inside and my insulin levels spike to counter the sudden increase of blood sugar wow