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  1. Your plans

    #319192012-07-02 23:20:20W1n5T0n_ said:

    i was watching couple of zombie movies and got me thinking every one has a zombie apocalypse plan to survive and i want to hear what you guys have planed for the possible zombie apocalypse

  2. #319212012-07-02 23:45:01loploplopl said:

    my plan(s) is too long to post. I have plan after plan and backup plans to the plans and backup plans for the backup plans and backup plans for the backup plans for the backup plans and backup plans for the backup plans for the backup plans for the backup plans (I have a total of 7 backup plans for each backup plan so total I have well over 1000+ different plans for all different situations I might be in.) My plans go for where I am, the nearest place for weapons/transportation/food/drink/fuel/safe house. My plans also account for what type of zombies they are (zombie land, HSOTD, left 4 dead, dead island........... they all are different types of zombies and how they attack) I also have plans on how to treat other non-zombies. I have plans for how to deal with sicknesses and other ailments. I have plans for how to defend myself when I sleep. I can't post my plan(s) because there is too many of them and they are too long.

  3. #319222012-07-03 00:02:21 *Fieyr said:
    • Immediately buy a sailboat.
    • Buy basic survival tools/food
    • Take as many books, eBooks, CDs, mp3s, players, headphones, and solar chargers as humanly possible.
    • Find at least 1 other person to come with me so I'm not bored out of my mind.
    • Sail towards some small uninhabited tropical island, as far away from civilization as possible.
    • Spend the rest of my days reading, listening to music, and conversing with whoever decided to join me about how we probably would have done this anyway even if there hadn't been a zombie apocalypse.
  4. #319232012-07-03 00:43:09megumi-tan said:

    get on lawn mower and kill them all. if that doesn't work i have no reason to fight and i will just kill myself before becoming one. i would rather die then fight just to....well..die.....

  5. #319392012-07-03 05:26:03HutchHutchenson said:

    This world apocalypse stuff again? people watch too many movies and play too many games that they honestly think they'll be the star wars hero of the land. Truth is, they'll be just as worthless after the downfall of humanity as they are now.

    That being said, Nabeshin has the best answer.

  6. #319472012-07-03 06:22:00 *Fieyr said:

    @HutchHutchenson - I'm gonna fall right into this one, because I'm kind of interested to see how/if you'll respond or if this is rather just another one of your 'drive by shootings' ^_^

    If so... then.... BORING.

    While yes, heroes may not exist as portrayed within the science fiction genre, having such stories is important. They serve as inspirational role models for someone to strive to become greater. Even if someone is limited by their circumstances, environment, factors outside their control, or even reality itself... dreams of greatness motivate people to do great things when the opportunity presents itself, regardless of whether those things include saving a planet from annihilation or being a great father to your child.

    Morale of the story: make sure you're not projecting your own self imposed reality on others. Don't become jaded by your own reality and assume that everyone else is governed by your own set of personal limits.

  7. #319502012-07-03 06:39:33 *HutchHutchenson said:

    @Fieyr Not at all. I kind of think it's funny that you know of my "drive by shootings". Nice name :P

    I wasn't so much as "projecting one's self imposed reality" as I was pointing out the general zombie apocalypse fanbase's delusion of grandeur. With all the zombie movies and games and their "badass" heroes beating the odds and winning one for good ol humanity, the "fans" seem to think that "If they can do it in a fictional settings then hell, why couldn't I in real life?". I'm not saying dreams are bad but one should know when to draw the line between reality and fiction. I'm not saying that if said event actually happened that it would be all doom and gloom but I'm sure many would get carried away and die needlessly.

    It's your move!

  8. #319672012-07-03 12:23:29DeathByBiscuit said:

    I don't really have a plan, but I recon that I would pretty much what I do now, sit in my room mastering the art of bating till the zombies come knocking, given that I would rather die quickly I'd kill myself before they get to me.

  9. #319992012-07-03 22:08:25Paratoxical said:
    1. stealing my mother's car (actually more like stealing the car keys)
    2. picking up my best friend
    3. looking for friends who might have survived while killing anything that looks like a zombie
    4. ???
    5. survival
  10. #320012012-07-03 22:54:57 *Fieyr said:

    @HutchHutchenson - Lol glad you liked that and I love your response :P

    Haha I see I see.

    I'll agree with you there. At the same time, don't we need people who are efficient zombie killers during such apocalyptic times? You totally wouldn't know until you tried right? Sure, the vast majority are probably destined to become zombie chow, but if we're lucky, we'll get that one kid who has played so much Left 4 Dead, that that he/she will have attained enlightenment. Zombie killing nirvana if you will.

    For everyone else, I figure everyone has to discover their limits at some point right? It's just their bad fortune that they waited until the zombie apocalypse to do so.

    volleys a metaphorical tennis ball into Hutch's side of the metaphorical court

  11. #320522012-07-04 10:54:57 *break said:

    my Plan involves beeing either a Mad scientist or havign attained World Domination by that point, possibly both. in case the zombies are halfway reasonable enough to cower before me, i will build them a nice coastal city named Rotville. in case they cause me problems, i will wipe them out with one of my Doomsday devices. well, with one of my Doomsdy devices that doesnt involve making more Zombies.

  12. #332022012-07-13 19:16:04AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I won't even try to survive. I'll just start killing off zombies with whatever weapon I can find. At least, that way when I die, I'll be taking a few of those monsters with me.

  13. #332162012-07-13 22:31:45Mau said:

    Fill all the graves with concrete. That way they won't break through, and then kill person who was responsible for this by Guillotine to make an example of them. Then go on with our everyday lives.