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  1. The Terminal: Starring senkono

    #319322012-07-03 03:40:29 *someone said:

    So a fellow user (@senkono) is going to the moon. Problem is, he missed his flight because he's a sen (aka an idiot). So he has until 18:00 EST (22:00GMT), 3 July 2012 to kill before the next plane shows up. So, give ideas on what stuff to make him do/ find in this time.

    tl;dr: Scavenger hunt for an idiot stuck in a terminal. Give him stuff to do.

  2. #319442012-07-03 05:56:04Neko-Chan said:

    Buy a book of a genera you wouldn't usually read, read it, then write a report on its flaws and good points. Compare it with other books, shows, movies, themes and ideas of another genera. You could also write about its motifs and themes that coincide with society today. You cannot choose the book, it has to be random, or judge it off the title.

    Why? Because it will kill a ton of time, and when you are done you will be a bit smarter and maybe won't miss your plane.

  3. #319652012-07-03 11:43:00 *Xyopq said:

    Get a permanent marker and write one of these things on the floor in front of someone asleep:

    "The person in front fancies you"

    "Aren't you late for the plane?"

    "I've stolen something from your case. If you want it back, wait by the payphone"

    "Aren't you missing something?"

    "Your flight is delayed till tomorrow"

    "You've lost the game"

    "How many Exhibits could Xzibit Exhibit if Xzibit could Exhibit Exhibits?"