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  1. the mystery of pigboss

    #320082012-07-04 00:36:10 *megumi-tan said:

    i used to think that pig was just a guy on the colorless full of win. now thanks to said guest, i am so confused it hurts to think about it.

  2. #320292012-07-04 06:47:57Chestnut_Rice said:

    So obvious. Pigboss is a mutant, sentient pig who excaped from the farm! Some times though, its intelligence lapses and thus, this random guest's words. It also has delusions due to the mutations so it thinks that it lives in the Windy City when really it's still in Kansas and has a sister or some thing when it's just by it self. See? All there is to it. So simple!

  3. #332012012-07-13 19:12:42AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    That's too much to even try to think about for me. Pigboss will always be just Pigboss in my eyes. No matter if he is more than one person full of win.

  4. #491032013-02-24 22:19:43Rune said:

    All I know about pigboss is that he's a hungry college kid originally from Korea who's currently in Minnesota for college.

    Well, actually I know more about him. It's all in my records.