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  1. Persona 3: The Movie TRAILER 2 UP!

    #320132012-07-04 01:46:15 *InsaneBoredGame said:

    UPDATES AND SHIT Persona 3. We cry about this shit on /main at least twice a month. It's a really amazing video game whose creators (ATLUS) decided to re-release it twice, adding bonus content and making it even better (P3:FES and P3P). It's a ridiculously obvious cash grab that nobody gives a damn about because the games are that good.

    Now, they're animating it (no, the trinity anime doesn't count). They're making it into a movie. Correction, they're making it into movies.

    The first one comes out this fall. It's called Spring of Birth, which is a name that probably makes perfect sense to the Japanese. And boom. Insert trailers.

    Just like with the Persona 4 anime, they said fuck it to the protagonist's manga name. Minato Arisato? He's Makoto Yuki now. Unhappy? Complain about it on your tumblr/livejournal/twitter or below.

  2. #320182012-07-04 04:32:53 *Ethereal said:

    aww man, if this is real I'm gonna be all over it. Wonder what they're planning with it. I just hope the movie relates to game enough so that the majority isn't either in or outside of Tartarus. A good balance between the two.

    Edit: I'd think they'd have much more information on their site then.... just what's up there. Makes me worry that it may be fake.

  3. #320232012-07-04 05:44:22 *n1xx said:

    I am definitely excited for the release! As it can be read on numerous websites, a hint to the movie release was shown at the end of the Persona 4: The Animation movie.

    As for my expectations, I believe that following the main storyline would be the ideal way to go, without cutting too much on the main events and adding somewhat a little bit of every other character's life aspect. While it is obvious that the movie's storyline cannot focus on all of the existing social links, adding in the small punch of most of them, would indeed make every character stand out, at their very best.

    I do wonder though, will they focus on only one heroine for the protagonist, or will it be taking more of a harem direction, as the game gave the possibility to do so.

    Whatever this upcoming adaptation may have in store for us, I cannot wait to hear more about it and to finally give it a watch in the hopefully near future!

  4. #320272012-07-04 06:38:24 *animeftw said:

    P3 MC is looking good anyone know what studio is doing the animation!? and for nameing the MC...................PLEASES USE THE NAME FROM THE MANGA or at least a better sounding name then Yu

  5. #320282012-07-04 06:47:12 *HutchHutchenson said:

    My opinion? I'll be just as over rated and over hyped as the game itself. It will also most likely never live up to the unreasonable expectations of "fans". Ya, I'm a downer.

  6. #320322012-07-04 06:52:00 *n1xx said:

    @animeftw From what I can read on the official twitter account, there doesn't seem to be any news concerning the animation studio, unfortunately. However, considering that it was announced at the end of the Persona 4 movie, maybe it will once again be lead by no other than AIC A.S.T.A.

    And yes, Minato Arisato (有里湊) would indeed be an ideal name to keep for the protagonist. <3

  7. #320372012-07-04 07:22:30break said:

    Okay, my ideal expectations: keep tartarus as short as possible by makign some "monatge" of some months with schooldays and tartarusnights, then focus on the actual story-events, as wella s inbetween the social links, getting more social links in a shorter amount of time and easier to watch by havign minato, you know, socialise with more than one person at once. Aigis as the heroine, an dincluding her social link~ that way, they can significantly short out the less important sutff without it feelign too lacking, and focus on the story-events mainly. and maybe an hour-OVA later on for "the answer"? anyways animated Aigis oh yeah.

  8. #321242012-07-05 09:10:28 *n1xx said:


    Aigis as the heroine, and including her social link~

    I have a feeling that this may happen, as well. Considering her personality, her particular relationship with the main character, and the way she tends to slowly humanize herself during the story, she might be a great character to also focus on. I do adore all the other female characters though(especially Fuuka <3) and hope that they also get enough development on their end.

    maybe an hour-OVA later on for "the answer"?

    I too, hope that The Answer gets animated. An OVA sounds quite reasonable, considering that the storyline is quite short, yet fully entertaining. However, whether this angle of the story gets an animation or not may depend on the content of the upcoming Persona 3 movie.

    @HutchHutchenson <3

  9. #321292012-07-05 10:15:36Nightray said:

    th-there's a P-Persona 3 Movie???? O.O I mean really? I shall look forward to it though i wonder if it's 10 years prior to Persona 3 or a 1 year after the events with Nyx.. cause i really want to see what to see Elizabeth's point of view on how she's gonna free the main character from being chained to the door thingy.. anyways, thanks for sharing~~ OuO

  10. #321332012-07-05 10:25:48Noodle said:

    I'm looking forward to the movie and all, but it seems I should avoid this thread until I've finished the game. @Nightray Im looking at you ಠ_ಠ