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  1. DuRaRaRa 3 Way Standoff PSP

    #321282012-07-05 10:06:30 *Nightray said:

    Yo minna~~

    I came across a PSP game recently called DuRaRaRa 3 Way Standoff for the PSP. It's entirely in Japanese though and there's two versions. The other version has the same title adding 'Alley" at the end.

    You play a transfer student called Yoshimune or something like that going to Raira Gakuen and placed in Mikado and Anri's class. Basically it's like you're playing Mikado because you have to find out the happenings in Ikebukuro with the Dollars gang, Yellow Scarves and Kubinashi Rider but all in a time limit of sorts or it's game over. Think of it as playing Persona 3 Portable without the Arcana stuff. You get to have friendship links with the main cast of DuRaRaRa~~

    My question is: does anyone have cheats or a walkthrough for this? I can't even get past October and already game over.

    Yeah this is sort of a first for me and I'm sorry if this is totally not worth mentioning. >n<


  2. #321352012-07-05 10:31:30Noodle said:

    I would play this once a) I learn japanese (which I would not count on right now) or b) someone ports it to pc translated. It sounds like a pretty good game and it's a shame it didn't get an english release.

  3. #321432012-07-05 16:17:00Nightray said:

    @Noodle Ooh~~ I'm learning Japanese right now as well but reading Kanji is super difficult.. Mm.. I heard there's a PC version with an English patch but I'm not too sure. Well to me it is interesting though I'm a bit sad there's no girl version. Hahaha. xDD

  4. #321442012-07-05 16:23:47 *Trzaska said:

    Oh, you definitely can't play a Persona-like game without understanding the text. If you have a smart phone there are apps available that can translate text via the camera. Android's is called Google Goggles, and iPhone apparently has it's own as well.

  5. #321472012-07-05 17:22:41Nightray said:

    @Trzaska That's true.. Oh I heard of that Google Goggle thing.. Unfortunately I have neither a smart phone nor and iPhone.. ;n; I do hope there's an English subbed version soon or maybe a cheat of sorts.. I stayed up all night and I haven't even passed October (the starting month) yet!! Anyways, thanks for the tip. OuO