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  1. Marineboy8's Channel (Shameless promotion)

    #321952012-07-06 04:03:31 *Kuru said:

    I've been making videos over the past two months, the link above it my channel. I do want people to take a look at my work, but I'm not trying to get a bunch of subs and views. If you like it, that's great and I hope you would sub. If not, it's no biggie and I expect this reaction more than people liking it.

    I'd like feedback on my videos and channel; what the content is, the quality (audio and visual), commentary, random ways to help improve. I'd rather earn my audience, and improving will help me do so.

    Thank you if you take the time to take a look and give your two cents. I hope you like what I'm making. (These are small paragraphs ^^^)

    Here's a funny GIF if you had no interest, atleast you'll leave with something:

  2. #338672012-07-20 23:45:33Kuru said:

    Started Amnesia: The Dark Descent yesterday, got a bunch recorded today. If you want to see me get scared, should be fun.

  3. #352702012-08-09 21:25:50Kuru said:

    Would a compilation of Amnesia scary moments from my play through be a good idea? I've been thinking about doing it. Let me know what you think!