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  1. New Sailor Moon anime coming in 2013

    #322612012-07-07 02:31:37 *Ashkachan said:

    New Sailor Moon anime airing Summer 2013.

    I repeat


    Apparently, it's going to follow the manga more closely, with the original manga creator Naoko Takeuchi supervising it. Not much else is known about the project, but supposedly Usagi's original voice actor is revising her role. (She's hinting that she wants to anyway.) And rumor has it, Ikuhara (the director for a few seasons of the original anime, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and now Mawaru Penguindrum) is directing it. And since it's following the manga, expect it to be far more dark than you remember, lol.

    (Oh yeah, this year is Sailor Moon's 20th anniversary in Japan, oddly enough...)

    Think what you will of Sailor Moon, but it did revolutionize mahou shoujo and even anime forever. This is huge news in the anime world, obviously.

  2. #322652012-07-07 04:26:29Mau said:

    Very huge news and I'm excited. Though also very scared of it being screwed, I mean granted if Ikuhara is directing it will be awesome, but the pessimist in me is scared of the turnout. Either way very good news to hear, especially since I was thinking Sailor Moon would never see a remake ever.

  3. #322732012-07-07 05:48:36Mau said:
    True, and since this series is going to be true to the manga, its going to be fantastic, but its all apart of the stages of feels.
    1.) Shock
    2.) Excitement
    3.) Doubt
    4.) Intense Emotions
  4. #323412012-07-07 18:51:30 *n1xx said:

    Very exciting, indeed! I can't wait to hear more technical details about it, such as the animation studio and having a glimpse at the enhanced character design. :>

  5. #335492012-07-17 00:52:01Erstina13624 said:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see it again. It was one of my fav. anime.

  6. #621482013-08-05 04:26:57SENsei said:

    I say just necro your old thread to end this.

    I am the hero that CL deserves, but not the one it needs. So I'll terrorize you, because you can't take it.

  7. #715002014-03-18 16:43:45mizlily said:

    I'm surprised so many people are excited for this. The only time I liked sailor moon was when I was in elementary school.

  8. #715142014-03-18 23:05:25Mau said:
    Really? Why are you surprised?
    It has themes and content that can stand the test of time, young and old audiences can find something to like about it.
    There's also that nostalgia factor to take into consideration.

    Bitches love their nostalgia factors.
  9. #715172014-03-18 23:36:45 *Kittycat said:

    I remember watching the show so often!!!! (I just forget everything that actually happens plot-wise I was waaaaay to young S: )

  10. #715182014-03-18 23:39:19Kirn said:


    I had a crush on Tuxedo Kamen when I was 7 or something.

    Now, this thought will be making me giggle for some period of time.

  11. #715192014-03-19 00:38:56Momimochi said:

    I'm surprised so many people are excited for this. The only time I liked sailor moon was when I was in elementary school.


    So you're implying that Sailor Moon's for kiddies.

    You do realize that Sailor Moon wasn't even meant for little kiddies to see, right. And that the anime made it all sparkly shoujo rainbow shits, right. You do realize that Sailor Moon's anime was so loosely based on Sailor Moon that it's technically a different series with the same characters, right? Like, it's so loose that even your mother's vagina can't comparewhut

    Yo. He was my childhood crush too. Same with my friend. Who is a straight man. Because everyone loves Tuxedo mask.

  12. #715352014-03-19 07:37:34Momimochi said:

    Not so much offended as "pls take stupidity out the door". But I mean, like, if you're gonna get on a thread about something just to shit on it (unless if it truly is a idiotic thread), expect something like this to happen. If anything, you sound like the whiny butthurt nigguh here.

    I reserve the right to echo: Please get off the internet; it must be hard for you.

  13. #715732014-03-19 22:45:12 *Mau said:

    But no one was being offended?
    Why are you offended? Why are you both offended?
    Guys, don't fight in a Sailor Moon thread, unless that fighting is against Queen Beryl and The Dark Kingdom.