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  1. Working!

    #322622012-07-07 02:58:09 *Nightray said:

    Yo minna~~

    Ohayo gozaimasu~~~ I thought I'd share with you my insights of the anime/manga called "Working!" also known as "Wagnaria". It basically tells the daily life story of Takanashi Souta (Seiyuu: Jun Fukuyama.) of his working days at a family restaurant set in Hokkaido. He's a 16 year old high school student who works part time there along with a number of unusual co-workers.For instance; Taneshima Popura who is a year older than Souta but looks like an elementary school kid, Inami Mahiru who is also a year older than Souta has a fear of men and tends to punch them, Satou Jun (Seiyuu: Daisuke Ono.), a 22 year old who works part time as Head Chef, Souma Hiroomi (Seiyuu: Kamiya Hiroshi.), a 19 year old who works part time as Assistant Chef, Yachiyo Todoroki, who works there just to be close to the manager and carrys around a Katana even while working. Lastly is the 28 year old manager, Shirafuji Kyoyko who doesn't bother doing any work at all and is always seen eating parfait.

    Due to such interesting characters, this anime is responsible for my stomach being in pain because of laughing too much. On a side bonus, Souma who has the same Seiyuu as Orihara Izaya is exactly like him only he's really a good guy who knows right from wrong although he still uses the information on people to make them do his job for them and he's good friends with Satou who's Seiyuu is the same Heiwajima Shizuo~~

    So I hope you guys take the time to watch this really cute and funny anime. That will be all~~ ByeByeBee~~

  2. #322882012-07-07 09:16:25Souma-kun said:

    I have to say this.

    Working!(!) is not the best anime, but it is fun to watch when bored. The comedy is sometimes forced, which prevents me from genuinely laughing. However, I'd rate the 1st season 7/10. Unfortunately, the 2nd season was not up to par with the former, so I'll give it 6/10.

    Overall, nice anime when bored or have run out of anime to enjoy.


  3. #322922012-07-07 10:48:16Nightray said:

    @Souma-kun Well I have to agree it's not the best but it's certainly a blast to watch. Thanks for your opinion by the way. OuO I find your opinion to be super honest so I'm actually quite happy about that~~ Whee~~

  4. #324452012-07-08 22:34:28Gluu said:

    I forgot how I actually came across this show, but I'm about half way through, and I enjoy it's not-so-story-driven attitude. There is a sort of path that it goes by, but it does seem there are always random things that happen each episode, just like if you worked at a restaurant.

    8/10. Pretty funny and quite cute anime~

  5. #324782012-07-09 06:24:45break said:

    one of my favourites amogn the comedy-genre, but, uhm, your "insights are really kidna just a kinda messy synopsis, isnt it? may want to check that

  6. #324942012-07-09 08:24:07Nightray said:

    @break Ah sorry about that. It does seem like one now that I think about it but it's actually really how I see it and I sort of wanted to introduce what's it about first.. If I had confused you I apologize~ m(__)m

    By the way, thanks for you opinion on this. =)

  7. #324952012-07-09 08:26:36Nightray said:

    @Gluu Too bad most real life events do not happen that way, though I think it's kinda interesting to have a manager like Kyouko. xDD Walking about with a Katana like Yachiyo is awesome too but doesn't anyone want to report to the police? LOL.

    Anyways, thanks for your opinion~ =)

  8. #326782012-07-10 06:20:55Souma-kun said:

    @Nightray To be frank, it isn't rare to see bumbling managers who take a penchant for abusing the staff for personal gain. And there are a lot of people out there who carry their knives around, never mind guns. The Katana and the like are just the more noticeable weapons that people can carry.

  9. #328842012-07-11 13:29:15Nightray said:

    @Souma-kun hmm.. good point on the managers. i've worked various part time jobs.. so far i can't remember all my managers. T^T well not where i'm from at least that's why it's odd for me however it is very interesting to know about it.