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  1. Slender Game

    #323702012-07-07 23:53:14 *Yotsuba said:

    Okay so, This game is called Slender, its a really creepy game in which, due to the lack of investigation, i don't know anything about it, i literally downloaded it cause my friend told me to play it, and started it, read the read me on the file and that was all i knew about it.

    But here's an article on it just incase, if you guys wanna have an idea of what to do.

    Technically, you're in a forest at night, and there is a guy trying to kill you, You have a flashlight, and you can sprint, your goal is to find 8 pages, they are tagged to some tree's, before he kills you, I'm totally willing to play this in skype with people, hell even in tinychat.

    If anyone wants to play, let me know.

    This is the download link again.

  2. #323712012-07-07 23:54:53Yotsuba said:

    Also, i highly suggest you don't youtube videos on it, because it removes Some of the effect, not much in all honesty.

  3. #323872012-07-08 03:33:03 *Caarbite said:

    Lmao, just messing with you, man. You're actually really brave. Being able to retry and face that thing again and again..

    Well.. either brave or outstandingly masochistic.

    which, to some, can a desirable characteristic.
  4. #323942012-07-08 08:27:54 *Trisak said:

    Ohhhh yessss, dis game. So I can give you guys a few tricks to this game. If you don't want them, you can just stop reading my post... and no, I'm not gonna use spoiler tags, cuz they're not spoilers, they're just hints :3

    First of all, once you collect 1,3,5,7 pages, Slendy decides that he is now more interested in glomping you, and will try harder. When you get to 5, he can much more easily catch you. There are 10 areas the pages can be.

    Unlike what some people believe, the map of this place is NOT randomly generated. The landmarks are always located in the same places, but the location of the pages differ.

    Don't run too much until you get 4-5 pages. The more you run, the harder it gets to catch your breath again. Also, as contrary to logic, you actually DO WANT TO LOOK AT HIM from time to time! When you look at him, he can't move, so you will need to look back at him, and then look away. When you're at 7 pages, you will be forced to do this, or he will catch you.

    As for my final note, to those who haven't figured this out yet: The house/building is a deathtrap, go there for one of your first couple of notes.

    (Also there is a sort of Easter egg, but I don't know how it works exactly. But once in the house, the ceiling can change shape, and I once saw it look like there were a couple of legs sticking down from it. I think I saw it in a youtube video somewhere as well, if you want proof)

  5. #323982012-07-08 09:59:42 *Ecstasy said:

    A couple of small things @Trisak discovered but haven't mentioned.

    You're a little girl with the camera (because you can zoom in and out and the lights belong to the camera too, also when Slendy catches you you can see static).

    Turning lights on and off doesn't seem to affect your safety. The reason you would turn off the light is because your flashlight is supposed to have a limited battery but this doesn't seem to work (this is one of the tips which can be found in a readme file in the game folder).

    Basically Slendy stalks you more with each note, so one might assume that you can go through the map and find all notes without collecting them (so that you don't have Slendy behind your back) and compose the better route and then quickly collect them all. But Slender starts to stalk you even if you don't collect the notes, so if you see one - take it.

    Also the closer he is behind you - the harder it is to escape him. The camera goes fixed on him if he is close enough.

    And I'm in if you want to play it on skype or tc, even though I do scream like a school girl :'D

  6. #324012012-07-08 12:32:22 *Ecstasy said:

    @Trisak yes, what have you done? ;___;

    I'm now leaving a short spoiler here for those who are interested in how the game ends, because you can find it on youtube anyway, so I'll just save a little time for those who want to know it badly (like I did): SPOILER ALERT in the spoiler :D - Believe me, there is nothing that great in the ending, so if you can wait - don't read this. Slenderman always wins. When you collect all 8 notes the game doesn't stop and he continues following you until he catches and rapes (?) you. But there is a chance that the game will be developed and updated.

    Also Trisak has now seen me playing the game and shitting bricks after collecting 2 notes and facing Slendy about 3 times and then weeping and pressing esc button. I am fabulous this way.

  7. #324202012-07-08 16:11:40megumi-tan said:

    i downloaded this game and played it for about 3 min. but i can't do it. i just know something is going to get me. DAMN IT BELLA MAN UP!!! MAN UP AND PLAY THE FUCKING GAME!!! goes back to barbie dress up games

  8. #324492012-07-08 23:59:40megumi-tan said:

    seriously, i have a slender man addiction now. i don't know if i love him, or if i am scared of him. but either way, i carry a 20 dollar bill in case...ya know...