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  1. what's your favorite ANime Pilot/1st episode so far?

    #324132012-07-08 14:34:23 *Gazelle said:
    The tittle says it all, I'm just really curious...

    so this could be anything even if the anime ended badly or crappy just as long as it's first episode is memorable for you XD

    and I would Like to start with Guilty Crown coz I like it's visual effects... despite how it ended... ~_~

  2. #324262012-07-08 18:20:26Lumiex said:

    Oh Jesus...I'm pretty sure my list could expand around the world. Now my friend @Senkono's list... well that list is the whole galaxy right there.

    By the way this thread could use a little more construction and some tags please!

  3. #324432012-07-08 22:16:48 *judar said:

    Uhhh, K-ON! had me in love in the first five seconds ahah and Sailor Moon R - Episode 1 was pretty amazing for a first episode ♥ BRS The anime had a decent beginning imo but it went to sparkly lesbians and sailor fuku after that . . .

  4. #324652012-07-09 04:20:19squareof3 said:

    I liked Angel Beats the very first episode. Highschool of the dead. Deadman wonderland is in there too but that's all I can think of.

  5. #324692012-07-09 04:50:32bleachedsnow said:

    I can only come up with a few off the top of my head. Sword Art Online first episode be awesome. I also liked the Ouran High School Host Club pilot, Book of Bantorra, Soul Eater, the World God Only Knows and D. Gray Man ones.

  6. #324732012-07-09 06:18:06break said:

    Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu did a really good job of introducing main characters and a good deal of beginning curiousness into the first episode to hook you up before switching to the flashback/beginning of the story, which was pretty well-done i think.

  7. #324772012-07-09 06:23:35Gazelle said:

    Ao no Exorcist & jormungand also made a good 1st impression for me since they have really nice graphics &special effects XD

  8. #324902012-07-09 06:54:50 *break said:

    @Gazelle the effects are kidn of unimportant for how good a first episode is.. if oyu care mainly about that, maybe you should ask abotu which anime has our favourite aniamtion quality or soemthing... though i agree that ao no exorcists first two episodes were quite awesome. too ad the rest of the series couldnt live up to the awesome its beginning promised.. as for guilty crown, the aniamtion quality and soundtrack were top-notch, but it only really got good from episode 18 onwards.

  9. #325662012-07-09 20:51:06Ethereal said:

    Let's see... pilot episode that's most memorable.. Gotta be Mnemosyne. So messed up xD Pretty sure I got more WHATTT out of the first episode than any other in the series. Blew my mind! Though, in second place would have to be Ergo Proxy, as @megumi-tan said

  10. #327182012-07-10 18:16:15 *13 said:

    I'm sure that my most memorable first episode would be something diffrent, like Dragon Ball or Fullmetal Alchemist, possibly Fullmetal Alchemist, but I just saw the first episode of H.O.T.D and that one was suprisingly good.

  11. #330332012-07-12 08:44:22break said:

    also, two examples which are pretty good but im unsure wether it would be considered cheating or not: the first episode of kamisama no memochou was quite great, but it was an 48 minutes episode, so not sure if it coutns also the first episode of the 2nd season kyoukai Senjou no Horizon was just bitchin awesome. nto sure if it coutns sicne its the first ep of a second season though.

  12. #331102012-07-13 02:44:09 *Gazelle said:

    @break well we have diff opinions actually :) but these shows are just memorable for me or has the best pilot EP for me because of the animation and it is my reason that the show is memorable for me, but you make think otherwise :)

    and I already mentioned whether the show was good or bad just as you think that the pilot episode is really memorable or really good for you, you can share you Idea here :)

    that said thank you for sharing your Opinion as well :)

  13. #331462012-07-13 09:30:07Izic said:

    I cant remember what its called, but i remember it was set in japan, all the school students ate their lunch on the roof, and at the end of the episode, the main character watched the sunset on a hill next to a lake. Does anyone know what anime this is from?

  14. #331512012-07-13 11:43:03Izic said:

    @Gazelle No sorry. But i do remember the main character running to school with toast in their mouths and sitting next to the window in class. Does that help?