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  1. Rumors

    #325682012-07-09 20:55:09 *InvisibleRainbow said:

    Hey, i thought id ask for some advice on here.. so basically what is there that you can do when people who dont and will never know you well, since you are online and they dont want to really give you the time of day, start spreading and believing rumors about you that have a faulty basis?

    its ridiculous that if you start "talking" to a person you might be interested in, you automatically have done all these nasty things with them.. and/or people make things up about you..

    so i think there really cant be anything done because you cant change peoples minds.. but i was wondering about anyone elses input

  2. #325732012-07-09 21:05:45Ethereal said:

    Hmm, I've never really had that problem (at least not knowingly), so I'm not really all that sure how it works, but I'd try not to worry about it too much unless they're going out of their way to abuse you or something of the sort because of it. I don't think people actually believe the rumors wholeheartedly, but more of trying/pretending to believe to have something interesting to discuss. Of course, if the rumor somehow reaches someone that you are close to, just try and explain to them what it really is. Hopefully, they'd believe you over some strangers.

  3. #325792012-07-09 21:14:16InvisibleRainbow said:

    @Ethereal yeah im trying to brush it off and the important people obviously dont believe such claims against me but its just a burden to have.. and it just reminds me of petty middle school drama that kids make up to entertain themselves as you said in other words..

    i know im asking for a miracle from thecolorless by asking for a remedy to this but i thought id try anyway xD

  4. #325812012-07-09 21:18:07Ethereal said:

    @InvisibleRainbow lol, never hurts to ask! I'm sure someone on here has some kind of remedy. Or at least stories of their experiences to get a good laugh from! That's like a remedy, right? RIGHT?

  5. #328492012-07-11 08:04:07InvisibleRainbow said:


    its really ridiculous.. its about stuff that happened over a year ago on here.. i got bored and started getting on here as a regular and because of boredom once in awhile theres someone of the opposite sex that you find, that you talk to more than others and i just got out of a serious relationship and just started talking to think person online but then he apparently is going around, a year later, saying i sent him "pictures" and/or things of that nature.. i haven't even spoken to this person but the rumors are getting back to me and now people in the community are hating on me hard :/ this place used to be fun for me and i even hosted multiple games to get the community closer together.. but that kinda bit me in the butt.. i just lost a lot of friends on here.. so i kinda wish there was something i can do but i cant change peoples minds and especially cuz they dont know me in real life but like @sonanoka said.. i guess i have to shrug it off.. i dont really know them anyway.. :/

  6. #328742012-07-11 11:12:48Ecstasy said:

    @InvisibleRainbow when people have some real shit to do in their real life, they usually don't go into these rumors. Normal people (even crazy ones sometimes) who care about you will most likely try talking to you to prove rumors right or wrong. The ones who believe that shit and support it are not worthy of your time anyway. So why bother?

    On the other note, it's important to respect yourself. Let me show you another way of thinking about this topic. If people talk about you - it means that you're noticable and interesting enough to catch their attention. Which is a good thing.

  7. #328852012-07-11 13:30:43Izic said:

    The best advice I can give anyone in your situation is to embrace it. Go along with their gossip. At least its interesting that way.

  8. #329952012-07-12 00:33:52InsaneBoredGame said:

    Well, I tried to spread the news of Ponta being a thirteen year old Asian Babymama of a seventy year old Nestlé corporate executive. It never caught on...

  9. #330412012-07-12 10:48:18InvisibleRainbow said:

    @ecstasy that really cheered me up about the whole situation x] thank you very much for taking the time to talk through it. @izic i think its interesting to learn things about myself through other people xD @T-man it's been a year which is the most laughable part.. so hopefully its going to die soon @insaneboredgame hahahah i missed you xDD

  10. #331302012-07-13 05:19:55AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    It's just a rumor so it will die eventually, and as for the friends you lost because of it, that should tell you that they weren't your friends in the first place. It's good not to care for it though since you know it's not true, so just let it go.

  11. #331372012-07-13 06:36:22Chestnut_Rice said:


    AA+ post, man.

    Also, don't worry about it. They'll die off. If you don't want to wait and are feeling lucky, you can give the people who are starting and spreading them a "little talk". Which will either stop them or make them a lot worse.