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  1. Teenage Problems.

    #327152012-07-10 18:06:01Dec said:

    It seems like many people have been having their own little issues, so instead of flooding the forum you can all sort and vent your problems here~

    For example: "Okay, guys. Recently all my feelings have been out of place, I spoke to my mom about it and really she blames it on me being a teenager. Omg. Like seriously, I hate bein a teenager with everything that comes withh it. I mean really, all the rumors that are spread hurt so much but for reals, yolo fuck the haters!!!!11!!!!one. I don't know what to do guys tho. I keep crying and crying every night becasue of them though because the rumors arent true and no one listens. Omg. What should I do?????? Then I have relationship problems like seriously, like I mean really. I hate all these mixed up feels I have in my head all because of that person. How do I make it stop. Also, I hate _____ he is so mean and I can't believe he breathes."

  2. #327192012-07-10 18:27:48TokoyamiSenshi said:

    @Dec That's because you care too much. You see, giving a fuck is the source of all misery. So people are spreading bad rumors about you, big deal. It may seem like big deal to you now, because you're a teenager(trollface here), but people are generally stupid assholes and what they think most of the time isn't what they really think because thinking is too complex for them. It's easier to mirror someone else's attitude.

    And that's really popular at that age. It remains popular well after too! People don't choose their role models according to what they think is right, they take whoever is represented as a role model in their environment and do their best to copy. Once you realize that what you're interacting with most of the time are not people themselves but echoes of echoes of other people they interacted with, you tend not to get hurt by whatever they say.

    They are like natural language chat bots, really. Now, I don't think you'd get frustrated knowing that you're talking to a chat bot.

    tl;dr advice: Find yourself a human to interact with.

  3. #327312012-07-10 19:37:032-guard said:

    (more of a post-teen problem, but i think it fits the thread)

    Ive got the stereotypical "forever alone" feels, and yea it would be nice to hang out with a gal every once in a while but i only know 2, and theyre both taken :'(

    THE BIGGER issue is un-employment. i have never worked a day in my life, and thats no good. I get so worked up and pissed how ill apply to all kinds of places (from entry level Walmart to high management IT programming) and i dont get a call or nod of existence. and when i call the company to "check with the status of my application" i get the EXACT SAME SENTENCE: "well, our hiring manager may have not gotten to your application yet. when he does he will call you. but i will make note that you called here"

    i mean what am i suppose to do? walk into the place dressed like a robber, and threaten them to give me a job or ill blow their brains out? seriously is there a magic trick to beat into their heads on how im such an excellent potential employee? because i am. Im 10 times better then the 149 other dangle nuts who would happily show up to work high, and steal anything at first chance.

    honestly, ive seen that shit. he just walks out of the store with the headphones hanging out of his backpack, with the security tag still attached.

  4. #327552012-07-10 22:26:44TokoyamiSenshi said:

    Here's mine.

    So I'm not your average teenager. Let's just say... I don't really fit in. Due to various reasons, I decided to pull away from society. I live in a dark basement with my three friends who had similar lives. We have a lot in common, from being outcasts to loving pizza more than anything. We're often called names. Lately, people call us 'mutants'. Can you believe that? I die a little every time I hear it.

    But in that despair, we have found hope. We took up martial arts. Maybe one day, we will be called heroes instead of mutants.

    Pic related(me and my friends):

  5. #328202012-07-11 03:55:00 *Kyuuun said:

    Okay, well, I was eating dinner with my mother, sister and older cousin. We're talking about what we did today, my sister went to the mall with my cousin, I slept cause I don't do anything and my sister, out of nowhere goes, "Hey, mommy, you know what Hanna did to me today?" and I look at her and she looks at me and gives me this evil little grin and goes, "Hanna pushed me off my chair today." The little shit knows my mother is over protective of her and guess what happens? I get screamed at! Saying that I ruin everything, I'm the worst older sister, and then I'm like, oh whatever and I excuse myself cause I'm not a rude shit and I go to my room and my moms all, "NO INTERNET, GET BACK HERE." And I'm all, "Im going to bed." and then she screams again how I'm just like my dad, blahblahblah. 20 minutes later, she turns the internet back on and im all "lolknewit", I get on, my mom screams that I'm a good for nothing brat. Moral of the story: Parents prefer the younger child and it's true. my teenage story of the day.


  6. #328272012-07-11 05:02:41 *Mairu said:

    My friend Hannah ,from Georgia, is a beueaitufl person. Her body is something I envy and many others do also. Dirty Blonde hair, breasts that frame her body so perfectly, curves that can you wish to wrap your arms around and a voice that is so sweet that you never want to not hear. Anyway, she was visiting her uncle. It was something she loved at first, but soon turned into a horrible memory. Her mother left to go home and grab something and in that short time, that single 1 hour and 30 minutes. Her father's brother asked her to help him out back by the shed. He lead her to the trail behind their house saying the shed was only up ahead. He brought her far enough where it would take awhile to get back;there he grabbed her and began undressing her. She was raped years ago by her uncle that day. She still cries whenever a man touches her who she doesn't know. Keep in mind that she wasn't even 16 yet. Now, she's a teenager and she had a problem.