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  1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    #3282011-12-25 21:06:12ImagineBreaker said:
    Archive - archive.thecolorless.net/thread/439957
    Given how there isn't one I decided to take it upon myself to create a Madoka thread over here.

    Madoka Kaname is an Ordinary Middle School Student with a working mother, a stay-at-home dad and a close circle of friends. Other than a strange dream about a black-haired girl fighting off a huge monster in a ruined city, her life is a peaceful one. Then, one day, that black-haired girl, Homura Akemi, transfers to their class.

    Things begin to change when, after school, Madoka hears someone's voice calling out to her. This voice belongs to Kyubey, a small cat- or ferret-like creature. She and her best friend, Sayaka Miki, then find themselves in a bizarre dream world where they witness an upperclassman, Mami Tomoe, transform into a magical girl and save them from otherworldly monsters. Kyubey then asks Madoka and Sayaka to become magical girls, too. The process is very simple - Kyubey will grant them a wish (any wish, no matter how small) and in exchange, they will sign a contract with him, which will allow them to become magical girls...

    -Taken from tvtropes-

    By now most people all ready know about the epic that is Madoka Magica. If not well why the heck not?
    It's a mahou shoujo series that absorbs you from the start and even when it's ended the series will remain an unforgeable experience.

    Similar to the Lyrical Nanoha thread this shall be used as the official thread for Madoka Magica. Feel free to post your opinions, news or images/videos that you have found.
  2. #3412011-12-25 21:27:50KAGAMI said:

    "Madoka Kaname is an Ordinary Middle School Student . . .", bet she's not going to be anymore~ "Other than a strange dream about a black-haired girl fighting off a huge monster in a ruined city, her life is a peaceful one." Let me guess, the person from her strange dream appears in her life? "Then, one day, that black-haired girl, Homura Akemi, transfers to their class." I'm such a genius ( ^ )b lol

    Yup, I'm gonna go try this one. Other than the "it's the person from my dream!!" cliche, I'm actually interested in this one~ ( u )/

  3. #4902011-12-26 03:12:56Kronifer said:

    the deconstruction and reconstruction of the theme of Mahou Shoujo. Even a spark can look so bright in the darkest nights.

  4. #4952011-12-26 03:15:44animeftw said:

    cant wait for my 2012 calendar that i ordered ^^ damn which reminds me i gotta start saving for the Limted edtion of the DVD'S

  5. #5402011-12-26 07:20:12 *n1xx said:

    @animeftw Did you order it on J-List and/or from Japan? If yes, I think we may be waiting for the same calendar!

    @KAGAMI Not only is it not generally cliché to most Magical Girl shows, but Puella Magi actually has some exceptional animation quality.

    If you'd like a better experience with the animation, I'd recommend watching the DVD or Blu-Ray releases, since some of the scenes have been updated with quite more detail and attention. ;]

  6. #5412011-12-26 07:34:33Elegy said:

    Updated details and such? Now this catches my attention, I already thought the series was amazing (of course, it's SHAFT, so how could it not be?) but I'm curious to how much they've changed. I'd watch it again anyway, but I may want to see this new version.

  7. #5422011-12-26 07:41:49animeftw said:

    @n1xx got mine from yes-asia since it was the only place i could find the regular 2012 calendaer than the desktop (although if i had more money i would have bought both)

    also anyone know what scenes were updated in the blue-ray version? PLUS for screnshots

  8. #5452011-12-26 08:21:42 *Kronifer said:

    can't remember the exact details, but the biggest one i can think of is that Mami's room actually look like one for a teenage girl, which is fitting since it enhances the "lonely" aspect of her character.

    Just a tip here, notice how she's the only one in the story who comes up with all the random terms? Tiro Finale, Walpurgisnach etc.

  9. #5602011-12-26 10:57:29ImagineBreaker said:

    Well the DVD/BD fixes up quite a few scenes that looked offed originally. Overall it looks much more superior to the tv version. I COULD tell you some scenes that were edited/updated but it'd spoil quite important parts.

    Looks like I'm not the only one buying the BD/DVD XD

    @Kronifer because Mami is awesome like that, though it seems you haven't listened to Drama CD 3, it shows Mami wasn't the only one to name her attacks XD

  10. #6352011-12-26 17:10:19break said:

    actually, the BD ups the animation wuality everywhere--liker addint small detaiols they left out in th eoriginal, like better coloring of the haifr and stuff, too.

  11. #12082011-12-27 22:27:42ImagineBreaker said:

    I think with the DVD/BD SHAFT had to rework EVERYTHING, that's why it looks so much better. Also there was no rush that'd effect SHAFT's occasional screw ups. Sure with Madoka they were noticeable but there was no Mt.Fuji that's for sure XD

    To save you the trouble the notorious Mt.Fuji incident took place during an episode of Hidamari Sketch I believe where the background was just a white screen that said "Mt Fuji", this was due to SHAFT not having finished the episode on time.

  12. #12162011-12-27 22:43:31ImagineBreaker said:

    It was legendary I hear, a shame I missed it really.

    Interesting trivia for you. The manga for Hidamari Sketch also did the designs for Madoka as well as the 4Koma extras in the blu-ray XD

  13. #17122011-12-28 22:11:20 *ImagineBreaker said:

    Well the Quartet clearly meant something Atsuhiro Iwakami - Main producer Akiyuki Shinbo - Director, Gen Urobuchi - Writer Ume Aoki - Original Character Designs Together they make the Magica Quartet!! They need a sentai/power rangers style roll call!!

    Anyone else notice the Madoka related threads that aren't simply just posted here?

  14. #20592011-12-29 17:22:31 *ImagineBreaker said:

    Well guess I'll use this time to post some Madoka info

    First off a 3D Doujin game starring Akemi Homura will be released at C81 this week - www.animenewsnetwork.co.uk/interest/2011-12-29/unofficial-madoka-magica-homura-game-revealed

    Secondly there was a second trailer for Madoka Magica Portable. I'll post both trailers here. www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JJ1JLv3UCs&feature=youtu.be www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD6BwvcOsrU&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL