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  1. とまれ! BAD POSTING PANDEMIC (Thread)

    #328322012-07-11 05:28:01Lumiex said:


    Eh, so as OP, I've decided to remake the thread. I am sorry if there has been any offense to new users. I wrote this a long time ago when the past community was somewhat more "messy" so it is a bit aggressive and towards new users.

    For example

    On internet there’s always been this idea; The longer you've been here, the more status you have. This seems oddly unfair and elitist, but then again…that is how shit works. Don’t like it? Then work upwards on respect ladder or just leave. Respect is earned, it’s not some commodity that’s handed out freely. I’ve seen countless new users just waltz in and act as if everyone should love them and then whine when they get flamed for acting egoistically. I’ve seen countless new users come in thinking that “trolling-is-cool-and-makes-me-popular-on-the-internet.” The only result given is “I-thought-I-could-troll-but-I-only-ended-up-getting-butthurt.”

    In the past there were users coming into the community acting as if they owned the place. Believing that they could insult others and gain support in this manner. I WILL CLARIFY NOW THAT IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU WERE HERE BEFORE OF AFTER SOME USER. Elitism is double edged sword and no matter what, psychologically it'll be there. I won't lie, at times I feel good that I've been in the meta longer than others. However, at the end does it hold much value? No. In reality it's not worth anything, my position means nothing as well.

    The position of admin holds more power than a moderator. But is there a point for me to be an admin? No, my knowledge of coding is limited and I am inexperienced still when it comes to running a website. There is no reason for me to desire anything higher than my current position. Not for namesake nor power, I am happy as a moderator. I am happy to help and happy to make friends.

    It's the same for the Admin, the admin can only do so much so as a moderator I help. I make sure the forums are safe and that the chat is free of offenders. The admin in return assists the moderators with large conflicts when we cannot. We work together.

    What is more important is respect towards each other in general. KEEP IN MIND I'm not asking you to be all Mother Teresa with each other, just don't fight because someone is "new" or someone is "old". It means NOTHING.

  2. #328332012-07-11 05:28:08 *Lumiex said:


    How to start a good thread:

    • Use the search bar to make sure that you are not making a duplicate thread.
    • If the topic does not exist or is expired, proceed!
    • Make sure topic sentences are backed up with good sources of information.
    • Have example such as videos or pictures, this will ensure a top quality thread!
    • Make sure that you include tags! Also, make sure that they are appropriate.
    • If it is NSFW make sure it says so.

    Good thread topics do not involve

    • Flaming specific users in general
    • One liner "original posts"
    • Nothing illegal in one's jurisdiction
  3. #329532012-07-11 16:52:30Sol said:

    Father, i've failed you ;w;.

    On the other hand, thanks for all of this. Basically i was just trying to get the message through.

  4. #331822012-07-13 16:23:11AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    @CC_Lemon Let the people run wild. That is the only way I would handle it. There is no forcing people to read this thread and they will make whatever kind of thread they want. That's just how it works. The only thing I suggest new users should do would be to browse the site, read more than just the shorter posts in a thread, and get used to posting responses, before they start creating their own threads. That is only a suggestion though, and as far as I know, many people may ignore it.

    It would be nice if there was a way the site could tell you if there is a thread similar to the one you were trying to publish before it let you publish it, but again, that is what the search bar is for. Besides, there would be a good chance that a notice like that would be ignored and the user would publish their thread anyway.

    Just have a lot of patience. That is the key. Many users are young and inexperienced at life (like me) so the only thing to do is wait for them to grow up and be more productive.

  5. #332112012-07-13 21:01:30CC_Lemon said:


    In a way, this is all rather tedious, also you should have told this too the staff instead of going "Oh there's nothing we can do" or "That's how all new users are." ”ああ、しょうがない”とがと”しかたないし”でさ。 I am a new user, but if I was displeased with certain subjects I'd PM the staff immediately. Oh and well the kids that run around here? I'm pretty sure she understands that the only thing that she can do is reinforce ToS because that's all she can do. Not just her as well it's the same shit for the other moderators.