gibe monies plz!

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  1. The lyrics cut deep

    #330562012-07-12 12:58:34piranaut said:

    A song called Island of the Misfit Boy by a guy who calls himself Front Porch Step. Originally found this through Reddit and thought I would share it with the colorless community. Honestly, when I was first listening to it I got goosebumps so I hope that you guys enjoy it too :)

  2. #330882012-07-12 20:00:05Gluu said:

    I was really thinking that this wouldn't give me goose bumps when I watched it, because I thought it was just another song someone wrote and is singing on Youtube. But after seeing so much emotion he puts into playing and singing, about halfway through when he stops singing and just plays it hit me. Really powerful lyrics and execution. Great find.

  3. #330982012-07-12 23:06:08crazymexican said:

    i got goosebumps 30 seconds in. it was soo full of emotion and a very powerfull song. tho id love to stick in a bass and some drums.