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  1. Board Game Online

    #332782012-07-14 14:49:57someone said:

    Found this game through some people. How do you play it? As one of the forum board description states:

    "Don't understand Board Game? Nobody does, but this forum might help."

    Basically, you get to 150 spaces, either as first one wins or in teams, and screw over your enemies by using items, class abilities, etc. It's actually a really fun game once you get the hang of it.

  2. #336632012-07-18 02:24:56megumi-tan said:

    i have never won a game out of the 9 times i have played. 3 of those times, in the end i was still on space 0. so yeah i suck at it like all games. but i still love it. so much fun.