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  1. Sword Art Online

    #333642012-07-15 05:36:02 *TechnoNinja said:

    In the year 2022, the Virtual reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) Sword Art Online (SAO) is released. With the Nerve Gear, a VR Helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in-game characters with their minds. But an unexpected event occurs on November 6, 2022 when Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of SAO, prevents the players from logging out. Akihiko issues them a challenge; if they wish to be free and log out of the game, they must reach the 100th floor of the game's tower and defeat the final boss. However, should their avatars die in the game, so will their bodies in the real world. As the game's 10,000 players try to accept their new deadly predicament, Kirito, a skilled player who tested the beta version of the game, is determined to reach the 100th floor and be free. Along with Asuna, his partner and love interest, and their friends, Kirito and his allies will face many obstacles and discovers the true purpose of SAO. As their adventure continues, they will also participate in other VRMMO games as well.

    This has to be my favorite anime this season from what I have seen. At first I thought "WOW what a .Hack clone!" The anime actually captured me so far. It grasps the world of the MMO very accurately and honestly the characters were pretty cool and the plot interests me a lot. If you guys havent tried watching this yet give it a shot it is pretty good.

  2. #333682012-07-15 05:40:30TechnoNinja said:

    @Chestnut_Rice Um no its just a shout out to the anime asking if anyone is watching it and providing a description and my opinion SEARCH BAR is not a comment applicable in this circumstance (I checked already so shove off ^^) So if u can find a thread containing all of these things please link bc i didnt see one

  3. #333702012-07-15 05:45:50BOSS_Coffee said:

    @Chestnut_Rice He's right. The original Sword Art Online thread that was created by @Sensei was deleted.

    The anime is following the light novel pretty well. Well this is only my opinion after watching ONLY the first episode. I really enjoy it and am looking forward to the rest of the anime.

  4. #333892012-07-15 10:13:10 *Spades said:
    After watching the second episode, I'm really pumped up to see how the rest of the series is going to turn out. The feelings I had while watching this episode were much more ample than while I was the reading the light novel. The OST fit beautifully and I really felt the weight of the atmosphere in that last scene.

    I was slightly bothered by the absence of certain information dealers, farm houses, and fancy bathtubs but other than that I thought that it captured the mood very well.

    Overall I'm expecting a lot from this series. All my hope in that they don't rush the ending like Guilty Crown. (<---Was still a good series imo)

  5. #333962012-07-15 12:50:58Xyopq said:

    I think it's really smart how Kirito took all the blame himself so there wouldn't be a war between beta and non-beta players.

  6. #334092012-07-15 17:30:38Wolfangle said:

    i really am in love with this anime..ive watched episode 2, 3 times so far.makes me wish we had the tech of SAO..and i do like how there's no magic in the game...the same old magic tricks basically would ruin the anime

  7. #334122012-07-15 19:09:00Hika said:

    I think Kirito is moe as fuck.

    Really? For me, I don't think the plot will follow the light novel, because the light novel does a time jump to 2 years later when they are all on floor 70-ish. Kirito in the light novel, I feel, would be less tended to getting attention towards himself.

  8. #334132012-07-15 19:14:07 *Spades said:

    @Hika Oh I was referring to Volumes 1+2 of the light novel. Volume 2 being the extra side stories (before a majority of the timeline in volume 1). EX: Aria in the Starless Night

    It seems to be following the light novel so far, but we'll never be sure until the rest of the series finishes. I'm really looking forward to see how they make this out to be.

  9. #334522012-07-16 04:43:02zatsunen said:

    Kirito <3 I really like this so far. Only complaint would be the episode length but otherwise. <3 Hope episode three comes out soon.

  10. #334662012-07-16 06:04:37 *- said:

    @9mm: Wanna be enlightened? SAO appeared in 2002, around the same time as .hack, and if we're taking into account planning stages, which was months before, the .hack franchise hadn't even begun yet while Reki was writing up his draft for this.

    Also, not like I didn't enjoy episode 02, I did, but mother fucking fucker fucking fucker fucks, they took out so much fucking content. I laughed how much of Diabel they cut out to make him just a bit more heroic than he actually was, yeah, he was ONLY after the LA, sure. And is A-1 seriously going to put Sachi's DESPAAAAIR into one episode? Mother fuckity fucks, I love Sachi; she deserves her own fucking spin-off.


  11. #334712012-07-16 08:49:51break said:

    @9mm well no. both are independent from each other, also written around the same timeframe. also there are not exactly many anime with a "inside an onlinegame" setting. comedy-anime tend to use it as a joke for one episode or so, sometimes, but there are really only two shows seriously takling the concept,, that beeign .hack and SAO.

  12. #335332012-07-16 21:23:03break said:

    people wll always be butthurt baout cut content in adaptions, because that always happens. no way around it, usually.

  13. #335422012-07-16 23:06:42 *- said:

    It's a fan's mother fucking job to be butthurt over poor methods of adapting original content. And it's not even just the cut scenes and how they prioritized the stereotypical shounen fights over what the exposition covered; they were altering shit for no real apparent reason. Then again, lol A-1, not that surprising.