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  1. Texting buddies

    #333672012-07-15 05:39:29beckaelyse said:

    I'm just looking for some texting buddies. I prefer if you are smart, can hold a conversation, and are over 19 and under 30. I love to laugh so hit me up and tell me a joke. I'm 20 and my number is 907 821 2120. I have unllimited messaging.

  2. #333722012-07-15 06:03:53 *someone said:

    I remember there was a post from the devs saying NOT to post your phone numbers publically, but I may have remembered wrong. Either way, not a smart idea.

    edit: Holy shit, an Alaska area code, have we EVER had anyone from there?

  3. #333762012-07-15 06:39:26Trev said:

    @Fieyr. If a thread is old enough that it won't show up in popularity rankings anymore then it's okay to make a new one. Nothing wrong with linking to the old one though.

    As for posting phone numbers publicly, it's not the safest thing to do and if underage folk do so we are obligated to delete them.