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  1. Outside

    #334562012-07-16 05:05:43 *eterno said:

    What is Outside?

    Outside is a whole world that exists beyond the front door of your home. It's a whole world filled with people, excitement and beauty that you wouldn't be able to find inside a crummy little room. You might have caught a glimpse of Outside when you're going to work/school/Gamestop but usually you don't really pay attention to it much.

    Why is going Outside important?

    If you don't take supplements, your body needs the sun to synthesize Vitamin D and some other things in the air to keep you healthy. It's also important to go outside so that you don't get too delusional and out of touch with reality. Furthermore, going outside is also fun sometimes.

    Despite all of these, too much outside could also be detrimental to your health. If you're in a place with too much pollution for example, the outside could kill you. What's more, sometimes too much outside and therefore, reality, might actually make you ignorant to the world OUTSIDE of your little outside scope which is one of the first symptoms of 'turning into a cynical asshole'.

    How do you get Outside?

    Going outside is simple physically, unless you have some sort of disability. But one of the things that people like to ignore is the mental preparations.

    First of all, ask this question to yourself: Does going outside benefit me in any way? Most of the time, if you're in a developed country such as the US, Germany, Australia, etc. or a very poor country, the answer is most likely yes. If you're in the 'middle' countries like the Philippines, India, Brazil etc. which are also coincidentally near the equators, the answer might not be so simple due to the heat, pollution, and poor public transport system.

    Second, try to know whether or not going outside is dangerous in your particular location. Check the pollution levels, crime rates, temperatures, etc. and determine if it's safe to go outside. Going outside when there's a tornado nearby is generally not advisable but if there's a tsunami coming, it's advisable that you get to higher ground right away.

    Finally, make sure you remember your objectives and goals when going outside. For example, if your objective is to 'frolic among the flowers', then go to a place where there are flowers. Don't go to a hospital or a shopping mall even when those places have flowers because they are too distracting for frolicking activity.

    If anyone has anything to add, please feel free to do so.

    some pictures of the outside

  2. #334582012-07-16 05:19:27Decae said:

    Do I have to make any reservations or is it fine to just spontaneously drop by the Outside? Also, is it still okay to be in the Sun if I already take supplements?

  3. #334592012-07-16 05:22:03Trev said:

    I don't believe that this place exists but I'll allow religious discussions, no matter how silly they are.

  4. #334692012-07-16 07:51:59 *Ethereal said:

    You know, I frollic'd in front of a hospital once...they then sent me right out to their next door neighbor, "The Mental Clinc."

  5. #334762012-07-16 11:45:44 *TokoyamiSenshi said:

    Not to mention, whomever you kill, tons of those blue ridiculously strong ranged creeps come out of nowhere. No way to farm exp in the outside, I tell ya.

  6. #334802012-07-16 12:09:31Ecstasy said:

    Outside is a wonderful place. So much fun.

    You can:

    • Get hit by a car
    • Get punched in the face
    • See and smell homeless people (you can even be lucky enough to sit next to one in the subway)
    • Be bitten by animals and insects
    • MEET ME
    • Get wet because of rain or snow
    • Catch a cold
    • Get robbed
    • Get raped (oh yes, right after meeting me)
    • Step into shit
    • And many many many other nice things.

    Also if you go out in Ukraine you can have a shovel up your ass (it's not really because of @Kirn, just a normal greeting there).

  7. #334812012-07-16 12:10:13megumi-tan said:

    i frolic in the flowers daily, for i live in a seriously. thats where my house is. welcome to the mountains, where you have to drive 45 min. to get to the store to buy your milk and cereal. you better not have a medical emergency, cause it takes them about an hour to get to you. if they don't get lost.