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  1. Know any good anime/manga

    #335542012-07-17 01:06:38 *Erstina13624 said:

    There been nothing to watch so I been bored. I love reading yaoi anime/manga and also what is your favorites anime/manga?

  2. #335592012-07-17 01:57:33chrome said:

    I've read a bit of No Bra, and I liked the initial romance, though it started to get a bit repetitive and I started to dislike some of the characters. Really I suggest Bartender. It isn't BL, but it is just an interesting read about bartending. And most shonen manga at least have some fan shipping with the male cast. Reborn! might be the best for that. Good luck finding something good to read.

  3. #335612012-07-17 03:04:24 *Mau said:

    No, just no, stop recommending Boku no Pico. (even though it does happen to pertain to OP's interest)

    The joke is old, and stopped being funny after the 50th time, sheesh.

  4. #336342012-07-17 20:10:08 *Lumiex said:

    Not again.

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