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  1. Summer Seal

    #336042012-07-17 16:00:11 *Ecstasy said:

    DC (GC?) kindly shared the link on main (see it above). After winning the flash game you can enter your e-mail and they will mail you a key. You can activate the key on Steam, which will give you a coupon in your inventory. You can try it 10 times.

    Here is the list of things you can win (or at least it was when I was checking it, not sure if they change it):



    I've won Steam key for Trine Discount Coupon 75%. PM me if anyone needs it.

  2. #337152012-07-18 18:14:23 *Ecstasy said:

    Seems like it works again?

    edit: yep, got another key for Trine 2 Discount Coupon 75%.. PM me if you want to have it and so on.