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  1. What do you like about anime fandubs?

    #337592012-07-19 09:22:16 *AK-chan said:

    This is just something I've been wondering for a while (coz I am the type of person who overthinks random questions like this). So... assuming that you like anime fandubs (or even dubs) in the first place, what is it about them that you like?

  2. #337602012-07-19 09:29:07SlantDuffy said:

    The shitty voices. Horrible word choices and dialogue to fit the original duration of speech. That's the only two things that I like about them.

  3. #337612012-07-19 09:37:22Dec said:

    "Fandubs are usually atrocious and a way for little camera kiddies to be even more annoying than your usual hanna. They're usually plagued by horrible, impossibly bad translations and pronounciations, and the Fandub-kids do not even bother with finding roles that might fit their voices, essentially shitting all over kawaii uguu characters with their out-of-their-ass voices. More often than not, Fandub kiddies also have terrifying accents that make listening to them trying to immitate japspeak a chore beyond comprehension for any sane man or woman who happens to have just a little bit of taste left in themselves.

    No, I do not like Fandubs, and I do not like Fandubbers. Please, Youtube, take them all down asap." via @DarkChaplain

  4. #338302012-07-20 12:15:18Ethereal said:

    I heard these a time or two... they were very scary. I guess it's good that people are trying to help and get them dubbed some how (if that's even really what they're doing, I honestly have no idea). I know a few people with reading issues due to things like dyslexia and aspergers (when mixed w some other things)... so I suppose it allows them to be able to watch the anime if an official dub isn't out. Although, I still think I'd rather not watch at all then have to bare with those. Make y' ears bleed n' all.

    It's fine if it's just a group of friends goofing off or something, but then it shouldn't be out for the public to watch... or at least to take seriously. It ruins even the thought of the anime that you heard fandubbed.

  5. #338362012-07-20 14:21:16Kyuuun said:

    "Fandubs are usually atrocious and a way for little camera kiddies to be even more annoying than your usual hanna."

    Thanks for that, DC.

  6. #340062012-07-23 13:08:40megumi-tan said:

    there is not one good thing i can think of. i saw a funny fandub of a lord of the rings once. if that counts... thats it.

  7. #340272012-07-23 20:39:43Noiz said:

    I don't like them because really, whats the point of them? Whatever anime they are fan dubbing, it's already been licensed and currently being made into a dub by more intelligent person.

    Fan dubs are really annoying due to the followings: No vocal skills, Don't lip sync with the actual characters. They only read the subtitles, Terrible microphones, People do those fandub auditions and it never works out

  8. #340342012-07-23 23:37:20daisensou said:

    Nothing in particular. But now, most of them are horrible.

    But it depends also, there are some anime fandubs that im used to, like some childhood anime, monster rancher~

  9. #341302012-07-25 12:09:04AK-chan said:

    @Ethereal I don't appreciate you saying that people with dyslexia and Asperger's have reading issues. It may be true with dyslexic people, but nobody's perfect. And for your information, I have Asperger's Syndrome and I was able to read your post AND type a response with no problem. Also, there are actually people who appreciate a good dub when they see one, whether it was done professionally or by a fan. So don't assume it's something people only watch if they can't read well or the official dub isn't out yet.

  10. #341652012-07-25 23:31:17Ethereal said:

    @AK-chan I never said they can't read, they just have issues. I don't know how severe your asperger's is, however, I know several people very close to with Dyslexia, and others with Aspergers. Some of them close to me with Dyslexia love reading, even though it is not as easy for them they tend to read all day because they enjoy it that much. The ones I know with Aspergers can read just fine, however, especially the ones with the more severe cases, can not read for a long period of time. They can read something like a forum post. But when it comes to say a book, at least everyone I know personally, tends to have some issues. Especially in anime subs, they always complain to me how it goes so fast they have to keep pausing the anime to read it.

    Again, I personally have neither of the two, but I do know quite a few people very close to me with them, and I doubt it's all coincidence that they all act the same about certain things, such as this. Also I'm sure it depends on the extremity of the person's case.