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  1. ISP Tracking Prevention Tools

    #337982012-07-19 22:44:52 *Fieyr said:

    Good evening fellow Colorless!

    I recently upgraded my Interwebz and started thinking about whether or not my ISP might be tracking my activity.

    I've performed a little research into programs that anonymize your activity such as Tor and BT Guard, but I wanted to see if anyone has any specific recommendations or could provide any additional information or tips that might be useful to me as well as other users.

    Are there any programs you would specifically recommend? Why?

    Are there any security tweaks you're fond of? (For any OS, browser, etc)

    And has anyone ever been investigated, had your speed throttled, etc?

  2. #338152012-07-20 06:37:58Fieyr said:

    @Trzaska Yeah I have some experience with VPNs. Not specifically with service providers, but I've used them in the past for secure remote connection to corporate intranets.

    In this situation, I can trust the computers on the network. As a service though, I would need to trust the owners of some random VPN service provider which seems to at least somewhat defeat the purpose. Anonymous except for one exception. Better than leaving all traffic in plain view of your ISP? Probably, but still not ideal.

  3. #338182012-07-20 09:31:19Xyopq said:

    I looked into this a while ago, but decided that I'm not doing anything illegal enough to warrant the reduction in web speed, so I'll leave it till I get my first letter (in the UK, there is a three strike rule for illegal downloading).

    As long as you're not downloading insane amounts of data (I'd say about >100gb a week), they shouldn't pay much attention.

  4. #338232012-07-20 10:49:04Fieyr said:


    For me, it's not a matter of illegality, but rather, I'm not a fan of big brother looking over my shoulder.

    As technology improves, their methods of monitoring internet traffic will likely improve as well. It will go from, "hey let's only monitor traffic where the user is exceeding 100GB to... hey let's monitor all traffic for all users, regardless of how much data they're using."

  5. #338472012-07-20 17:28:22Heavyoak said:

    I just called my ISP, they sent me an email talking about what they look at and when. it turns out, charter wont look at my data unless I go over my cap, which is 200GB a month.

    just call your ISP and ask them.

  6. #339512012-07-22 06:43:08meddie said:

    i don't think it's possible @Fieyr , though i may be wrong :( and i don't really think the ISP will manage to monitor every single users using their service , they couldn't possibly keep their eyes on thousands of users every single day imo =.= btw i use hotspot shield , a quite reliable vpn service , and it's fast too , though i didnt use it anymore. it offers anonymity , yes , but there is all to that :)

  7. #339542012-07-22 10:04:42Ethereal said:

    I don't know if it really helps much from your ISP, but an overall general tool that helps is Peer Blocker. Though.. if you use that, when it's running, you'll get all sorts of weird things being denied.