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  1. #338532012-07-20 20:32:53Anemone1 said:

    I'm really worried about this now. First they dubbed Kuroshitsuji and Shiki; now they're dubbing Ao no Exorcist. I hope they do a better job than the other two.

  2. #338952012-07-21 04:25:53TalTal said:

    JYB usually does a good job, so I'll trust him on that but I'm not too sure about the others...I'll have to see...

  3. #339002012-07-21 06:45:03Jenna38 said:

    YES FINALLY!!!!!!! I'm confident that they'll do a great job with dubbing this one although there's always some voices that either don't fit or are very annoying. Blue Exorcist :D