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  1. CL Project: Colonize Alaska!

    #338822012-07-21 02:49:52 *eterno said:

    So we were talking about where could the best place to live be, and @PigBoss happened to mention Alaska. It was then that we realized THE TRUE CL PURPOSE all along: We are destined to colonized ALASKA!

    So yes, this project is going to be a very LONG project since we're going to need to discuss about a lot of things on how to colonize Alaska. If anyone has anything that could help in realizing this goal, please post them in this thread!

    Basically our goals atm are:

    -Finding a suitable location to colonize

    -Getting supplies, resources, and funding

    -How to handle the logistics

    -Sending the first settlers

    Those are some things to get this started. So let's do it! Let's, COLONIZE ALASKA!!!

  2. #339102012-07-21 12:03:34Xyopq said:

    I can get behind this - if we build a giant underground network containing a rainforest. We'd also need to set up satellite dishes for our interwebz.