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  1. self-introduction + Free art

    #339042012-07-21 09:45:04 *Labrys said:

    im bored so yeah request's are open [as long as there reference ]
    i'll be choosing randomly though
    nice meeting you
    note: i dont login that much
  2. #339392012-07-22 01:29:36Kuru said:

    If you could do one of my avatar, that would be cool. I'm looking for pictures to use at the start of my Youtube videos, so I'm looking for people who might want to draw 1 or 2.

  3. #339522012-07-22 08:13:23Johtoh said:

    Woah... i envy you...... can you please draw my cat! its my grav ^o^

    The cats face is like the grav but then the body is green (left side of the cats face). he also wears a striped black and white bowtie :)

  4. #339532012-07-22 10:02:11 *Ethereal said:

    that's such a cool drawing Q om am jelly. Is nice to have you here~ Hopefully stays that way O_O Though I don't see reason why not...yet! Maybe you could do an art of this character :3 She's my favorite.

    If you right click, and view image, it should be a lot bigger xD