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  1. Best Lyric Videos

    #339362012-07-21 23:26:43 *Jenna38 said:
    Post your best or favorite song lyric videos. Here are some of mine as an example :D

    Wasting Away- Decyfer Down
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    Young and Stupid- Hedley
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    Everybody's Fool- Evanescence
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    Someday- Rob Thomas
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    Dirty little Secret- The All-American rejects
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    Say it ain't so- Weezer
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    Bones Shatter- Hedley
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    Far Away- Nickelback
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    Imaginary- Evanescence
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    Like Suicide- Seether
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    Say When- The Fray
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    According To You
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  2. #340252012-07-23 20:23:23Nightray said:

    I'm just a Tobuscus fan is all. OuO

    Dramatic Song

    I Can Swing My Sword

    Assassin's Creed LITERAL Trailer.

    Jack Sparrow by Lonely Island

  3. #340352012-07-23 23:57:53Jenna38 said:


    My best guy friend would not stop singing the diamond sword song at school. Bah! He annoyed me to no end! And YOU have brought back those awful and painful memories. XD

  4. #340492012-07-24 07:21:24Nightray said:

    @Jenna38 Hahahahaha!!!!! I'm so sorry for making you remember such awful memories. xDD I absolutely adore Tobuscus's.. uhh.. songs. It's so catchy. I managed to make my friends sing along with me so now they are total Tobuscus fans~

  5. #340692012-07-24 13:16:36Caarbite said:

    @Jenna38 Yeah, that song really hits home. It's soft and simple but is so full of meaning =] (Also, you're better off grouping all your mentions into one reply/post. Just to let you know)

    @Nightray Oh man, Tobuscus is win. Only really watch his songs and some of his gameplays but he's so fun to listen to.

  6. #340702012-07-24 13:26:31Nightray said:

    @Caarbite Intro of darkness, redness than whiteness. Yeah Toby is a win. He makes vlogging fun but I especially love his LITERAL trailers. xD I sang Dramatic Song to my friends, unfortunately none understood me.

  7. #340732012-07-24 13:37:44Nightray said:

    @Caarbite LOL. Nah, they just don't know the awesomeness of Tobuscus. xD I actually showed it to my grandma and then I forgot she could speak English. >.> She was like> "Is he one of those new singers everyone keep talking about? He's really cute." Made my day. Hahaha.

  8. #345432012-08-01 11:02:20Nightray said:

    @Jenna38 hahahaha!!!!!!! xDDDDDDDDD The song stayed in my head for a week, it was just soooooo annoying to my family. My sister is Tobuscus's fan too, along with my brother so it's just the three of us singing and quoting his songs and words. xD

  9. #349232012-08-06 01:59:32Jenna38 said:

    I can't believe I didn't even think of this one! This is the opening song of Deadman Wonderland.