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  1. So, how does thee rageth quiteth?

    #340102012-07-23 14:52:50 *Kuroba_Loki said:

    So...I saw this vid..and it made me laugh...

    Since I don't rage quit, I wanna know how the people of CL rage quits


  2. #340112012-07-23 15:08:33Deftones said:

    Well, I don't rage quit unless it's an online game. And even then, I just leave the game and be all like "Fuck this team, I'm out". Like in LoL :D

  3. #340122012-07-23 15:12:44Deftones said:

    While I'm here, I might as well talk about a stage in Super meat boy, that can go to fucking hell. It's name is "Omega" and my fucking god, I played it that many times. Also, FUCK YOU, YOU MOTHERFUCKING FETUS. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU, GO GET ANOTHER FUCKING GIRL.

    But I mean, I did pass omega, and god it felt good. Now to kill Dr.Fetus. That mother fucker has it coming.

  4. #340132012-07-23 15:34:42Slyter said:

    I have a laptop. Instead of flipping a table I flip my laptop. As you know, when laptops close they go into stand-by, sleep or shut down depending on setting.

    When I rage quit it is final. But hey, I'm a good sport so most the time I don't rage unless the team is incredibly rediculously retarded.

  5. #340202012-07-23 19:00:31Forte_Sigma said:

    Hahah that video was hilarious Reminds me of this:

    LMFAO I dont ever really rage quit unless I am playing with absolute complete noobs. If it is someone better than me, I simply accept defeat. Like in SoulCaliburV or 1V1's in any shooter. It is honorable to simply admit defeat and that your opponent is stronger than you. that is the first step to improvement.

  6. #340462012-07-24 06:22:39 *AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I laughed so hard for the entire first video that my stomach locked up. I had to stay bent over for a good five minute before I could stretch back out without pain. I would never attempt to beat a game that many times. Normally I would give up and break it.

    @Forte_Sigma It was so funny! That guy scared the Hell out of me. I would never play that game, but it was so worth watching to laugh at that guy.