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  1. [Radio Event] K-ON Tuesday!

    #340832012-07-24 17:40:04 *Warlock said: Today the radio will be featuring only K-ON songs. There are a few covers of CL members singing K-ON songs mixed in with the songs on the playlist. Tune in and enjoy the event!

  2. #341172012-07-25 04:17:48 *Warlock said:

    @n1xx Yeah, it's a bit late on it. However, you can still choose a K-ON song if you wish. Feel free to do any cover you want though. I'll start to get out more covers next week. So get me as many as you can. Got a lot of plans for radio events.

    @everyone Also, K-ON Tuesday will return again sometime in the future. Hopefully everyone enjoyed today's K-ON Tuesday. Thanks for tuning in guys! Stay tuned for more radio events!

  3. #341222012-07-25 06:56:50 *someone said:

    I've thought of the idea of a weekly schedule, actually. I should probably consider it further if the others that broadcast are in on the idea.