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  1. #341912012-07-26 12:29:41archangel said:

    I've done worse, by actually talking to my self and then getting myself pregnant because of me then someone comes to chat. . . it was awkward .________.

  2. #341952012-07-26 14:11:09JoJoBird said:

    I have talked to myself as well, and also once made a story about three apple friends that find themselves in the same bowl in a kitchen and are promptly eaten, sad story I must say.

  3. #342202012-07-26 23:37:45 *Flywalker37 said:

    I simply say "j0" and wait for somebody to respond. And then I go play Vindictus. After a while I scroll down, and apparently an entire long-winded conversation begun and ended and I took no part in any of it.

    As soon as I return, chat is dead silent ;-;

  4. #369262012-08-21 19:12:04Maryam said:


    Just be apart of the system that enables chat to be dead in the first place. Just don't speak. Lucky for us, some choose to break free as others join the revolution of speaking again. Then, the process repeats. I don't know what I'm saying either.