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  1. Looking for some critique.

    #341722012-07-26 02:38:10 *Settsuo-kun said:

    Well the past few weeks I've been doing a bit of designing for this club I work at. It's nothing much, just a random flyer here and there on top of my normal schedule. The boss is happy with the work and I know he'll have more work to come, but I'm not exactly thrilled about my finished products. So I want to know what you guys think I could improve on for future reference. Please be blunt and critical, since I really want to get better overall since it could bring me more clients and some much needed cash.

    I'll post them from the earliest to the most recent, remember be critical when critiquing.

  2. #341742012-07-26 03:40:19 *SlantDuffy said:

    Replace all unreadable or hard-to-read typefaces. Replace or remove graphics that interfere with readability of text. Find the harmonious balance in the text to graphic ratio.

    The first one is good, along with the second; however, the latter contained some hard-to-read typeface due to the choice in font color. The third one also has some hard-to-read text due to font and graphic color combinations. Fourth one looks like you put a business card on top of a car ad (looks like two different ads on one page), but gets the message across none-the-less.

    About FB page. You should put the Facebook page to good use by posting additional details about "WHITE PARTY" "Karaoke Night" "BLU __________" and "Members Only Mondays."

    Avoid using all-caps on the FB status updates. The Facebook page is maintained by a human being who is cordially inviting, AND NOT ANNOUNCING, people to the club for special events.

    Also, make like a calendar that has all the upcoming special events and on what days the club is closed. Then, make a bulleted list of all the special events under that calendar, in chronological order. Make it so people can click on each event for additional details, such as "What you should wear. What kind of music to prepare for. We are going to be serving this kind of food that we normally don't serve. etc."

    If enough people go to a special event, make an online photo album that shows how much of a fucking blast it was, to make people want to go to the next special event. (It seems you guys are already doing this.)

    Um...Hmm...what else. Idk. That's all I have for now.

  3. #341762012-07-26 04:45:46Settsuo-kun said:

    @Slantduffy thanks a lot! I'll take everything you said into consideration with my next flyer. Might even go back and redo the older ones while i'm at it. The "White Party" flyer was a rush job honestly like I did it in an hour, but that's only because I got the request just minutes prior and they needed it 2 hours later. I didn't notice, but now that you mention it it does look like it's two different ads though.

    As for Facebook I try and maintain it, but it's hard when your boss thinks that his word is enough so whatever information that does get passed to me is usually last minute and not enough details to fit even a line or two. Oh and he's the guy yelling the announcements lol. I'm the guy posting as "Club Mercedes", but as you can see even that is pretty scarce due to lack of information... I'll try and keep it up as best I can, but that'll be a work in progress.

  4. #341792012-07-26 06:29:14 *NGH said:

    Slant covered a lot. I'd say try not to use too many varying fonts. It's hard to make the transition. For necessary information (addresses, URL's, etc), use a plain font that's easy to read so that it's easier to imprint on the mind of the reader.

  5. #341852012-07-26 07:59:20Xyopq said:

    Yeah, on the second flyer the 'Karaoke' is a bit harder to read due to the background colours (is that a hidden CL reference?)

  6. #342032012-07-26 17:12:30Settsuo-kun said:

    @NGH Thanks for the input :)

    @Xyopq Naw, It wasn't CL inspired lol, but more of a random search through Photoshop tools.

    I'll be remaking a few of the flyer's, when I get done I'll post them here for more critique.

  7. #342092012-07-26 18:59:36momo said:

    Also, read up on typography for print advertisement, and possibly pick Oglivy's book on Advertising.

    A couple things to keep in mind:

    • Readability is god. Make sure each and every letter stands out and isn't overshadowed by the graphics.
    • For headlines, properly kern your text. It does wonders.
    • For body copy, remember to up the tracking. More space = better readability. A line height that is 1.75 the size of your font is a good start.
    • For your copy, print adverts should make use of serif fonts, online should make use of sans-serif.
    • Black on white is much more readable than the inverse.

    If you want an image-by-image breakdown, I can do that too, but @SlantDuffy did a great job of it already. There's always more to be said, but I can only assume it is not worth what you are getting paid unless you are looking to wow your boss.

  8. #342102012-07-26 19:25:57Settsuo-kun said:

    @Acostoss any and all advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. While i'm not getting paid much for the work now, there may come a time when someone else might want me to make something of a higher quality. I'm really thinking about future projects with this so go ahead and pick apart anything you feel needs to be improved. I'll be sure to check out that book as well.

  9. #345042012-08-01 07:05:27bleachedsnow said:

    Everyone seems to have gotten everything down, but I agree with acostoss in that you have to make sure that there has to be a balance between the graphics and usability so that your flyers are both visually appealing and readable. Emphasizing this point because it be super important.