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  1. Jungle Castle War (Minecraft)

    #342602012-07-27 20:20:11 *Deftones said:

    So hulz and I started a hamachi lan, and built two castles and set up some rules. The rules being:

    • Everything in the castle is made out of wood, except the for the TnT and Cannons.
    • Each player gets 4 cannons
    • Each player gets a line of fire charges
    • When each player is ready, load cannons and fire
    • Each player has one TnT block in their base

    The goal is to either kill the player, or destroy the TnT block. The cannons "Dispenser" can be disabled by destroying the tripwire, where it is getting it's power from.

    This was really fun, if you have minecraft, and a friend(hahahahaha) you should give it a try!

    Before and after pictures

    The minecraft version was "1.3 pre-release"

  2. #342612012-07-27 20:34:11 *Hulz said:
    we made it only tripwire to activate the Cannons "dispenser" so when the wood burns, the block where the tripwire is destroyed then the cannon cant be used any more.
    Every thing in the castle was made out of wood other then the dispenser, tripwires and tnt!
    Wooden stairs to burn while running up them! Soooo fun destroying the jungle when the war starts.
    Castle has 2 levels with stairs at the back. each cannon has room of its own total of 4. Have to keep running to each cannon and try to destroy the enemies castle! burning the opponent to death is also fun!