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  1. Heartless

    #345802012-08-01 22:42:50ahayden said:

    To love is to become the other half of that person see the dreams and hope felling the few second when you take there breath away. Holding there heart in your hand feel it beat like a music note. There nothing in the world more greater the the last few second of braking a heart and seeing it scatter into the hate you hold dear.

  2. #346272012-08-02 09:43:54archangel said:

    *their, *feeling, *seconds, *there's, *than, *you're, *their, *can't, *beaten there, fixed it for you. :) Now prepare for the shit storm >:D

  3. #346582012-08-02 22:35:07Mau said:

    Oh great, now I got that stupid Kanye West song in my head.

    Thanks a lot. THANKS A FUCKING LOT.

  4. #348042012-08-05 05:19:54T-man said:

    heartless just makes you an animal and stupid ... damn like I know. IDK so tired of loseing the damn thing but the only thing worse than loseing your heart is having it shoved in you and before you know had a heart have it stolen by the witch who put it there un huh im insane and so happy I am <3

  5. #355902012-08-13 09:48:06Senkonna said:

    @archangel: well i think dat threads shuld have posts lmao kinda da point. i mean it isnt against da rules and i think the op is kinda intrestin. :) i dun think we shuld discourage dem. D: