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  1. #347682012-08-04 04:10:11n1xx said:

    @SugarBowl: This thread shall be locked, as a result of an ambiguous opening post and its turn into disrespect between users of the community.

    If you hold dear to discuss about this anime series, please do not hesitate on making a new thread, by following these guidelines:

    • When making an anime thread, please try to supply a synopsis and/or your personal views on the series, in order to trigger a discussion.
    • Adding a picture representing the anime is also a good idea.
    • Last but not least, please review your post before publishing it. Each reply box is accompanied of a blue Preview button, which helps you make sure of the content before posting.

    I thank you in advance for your understanding. if you have further questions, please consult our FAQ or contact one of our staff members.