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  1. Kokoro Connect

    #347092012-08-03 16:13:23 *Senkonna said:


    I've masturbated to all of you in the IRL picture thread.

    Wow, you guys fucking suck; no thread of this series after I nuked my old posts? Shit taste is shit on your part. But that's okay, I don't expect good taste from most of you to begin with.

    I've been hyping this for 2 years now, so if you're not watching it, then fuck you pal. I'm not even going to bother with a synopsis (not like I ever do), because this series is just fucking legit and you should watch it on my word alone, if not just solely for Himeko time.

    Inb4 a second season is approved because the novel series ends in the next volume.


  2. #347102012-08-03 16:57:13momo said:

    Terrible thread, more info plox.

    Also, from my viewings it is somewhat lackluster. An overdone concept, done in an only mildly novel way. I'm still watching it, but it's close to being dropped.

  3. #347132012-08-03 17:07:42 *Senkonna said:

    Terrible thread

    Best thread ever.

    more info plox.

    No, fuck you pal.

    Also, from my viewings it is somewhat lackluster. An overdone concept, done in an only mildly novel way. I'm still watching it, but it's close to being dropped.

    Fuck you pal.

  4. #347812012-08-04 15:59:57 *animeftw said:

    when i 1st started watching kokoro connect i HATED the shit out of inaba, but then later eps grown to like her so far loving the show

  5. #347822012-08-04 16:19:09Ethernal said:

    the anime is great I will definitely keep watching it, but when I saw 1st ep. I found characters wery similar to k-on, althought these anime has nothing in common. (author and other ppl) was it just me?

  6. #347852012-08-04 19:37:07Senkonna said:

    @Ethernal: Author has nothing to do with it; it's the illustrator. Horiguchi Yukiko was the character designer for the K-ON! anime and does the novel illustrations for Kokoro Connect. :V

  7. #347892012-08-04 19:55:55Ethernal said:

    @Senkonna I actually checked both anime on world-art but I didnt notice that the illustrator is the same. thx for the info that explains why characters are soo similar, and I like it,lol

  8. #349762012-08-06 11:47:54Sodappend said:

    It's one of the few shows I'm actually bothering to follow this season. It's not bad, but it isn't great either, IMO. The body swapping isn't anything new, though I like the weird guy controlling it. The group's problems were pretty 'wat' to me. Yui's was predictable, I like Inaba (she's my favorite out of the group), but her's was boring, so was Iori's, and she is my least favorite. It seemed like they were just exaggerating the extent of their problems (at least those focused on - I'm not downplaying the 'abuse' inflicted on Iori, I'm referring to the 'different personalities') that a lot of people have. Most of the episodes so far just seem like a huge overreaction for most of the characters.

    Still, it has it's good moments. ("I've jerked off to you" was golden.) Compared to the bad titles this season it's pretty entertaining. Aaaaand sorry for the long-ish post.

  9. #352902012-08-10 01:09:52Chestnut_Rice said:
    WHAT, a bunch of ENTRY-LEVEL SHIIIT.

    Sorry, but I'm going to go re-watch Evangelion to remind my self what REAAALLLL anime is like.

    Spoiler (Show)
    Props to any one who gets the joke.
  10. #384392012-09-08 08:35:35TCManila said:

    ...and so we're back to our normal selves not being bothered by the PR mishandling and wut not. Glad to see that.

    The Staff said the prank was made up by some peeps.

  11. #384562012-09-08 13:31:41 *SENsei said:

    They've already taken the hit to their rep, both the studio and the VAs involved; it doesn't matter what it was at this point.

  12. #632252013-09-03 12:54:45izzymcfrizzy said:

    Kokoro Connect was alright, but I thought it was a mediocre anime. Nothing too flashy, but it wasn't not interesting at the same time. However I was seriously disappointed at the end, because I was dying to know who Heartseed was and they never explained the phenomenon. (T_T)