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  1. German with Hitler-kun!

    #347312012-08-04 01:00:52Hitler-kun said:

    Vielen Dank für euer zahlreiches Erscheinen.

    Your Führer will offer you to translate things and phrases from English to German and the other way around. Please do not turn this into an NSFW area.

    To get this started, why not start introducing us to each other? I will begin:

    Hallo, Freunde!
    Mein Name ist Adolf Hitler, doch ihr dürft mich gerne weiterhin Hitler-kun nennen.
    Wie ihr wahrscheinlich alle bereits wisst, bin ich euer einzig wahre Führer. Ich mag lange Spaziergänge durch die Hauptstadt Deutschlands. Meine Lieblingsspeise ist Wiener Schnitzel.
    Es freut mich, wieder bei euch zu sein und euch moralisch zu unterstützen!
    Sieg Heil!

    (Rough) Translation: Hello, friends! My name is Adolf Hitler, but you may continue calling me Hitler-kun.
    You probably already know that I am your only true Führer. I like long walks through Germany's captial. My favorite dish is Wiener Schnitzel.
    I am glad to be back, lending you my moral support once again.
    Sieg Heil!

  2. #347922012-08-04 20:13:59Shirosuke said:

    I wonder, can you give me equivalents to the following? (with literal translations too please?)

    Take it on the chin and be a man!

    You reap what you sow.

    You can't polish a turd.

  3. #348052012-08-05 05:25:10 *Hitler-kun said:

    I beg your pardon, but aren't you coming on my thread, which has a completely harmless topic, trying to provoke a fight? Why are you so offensive? Why do you discriminate me like this? Is it because I am trying to teach people German? Is that it?

    If you do not like my thread, feel free to ignore it. The Likes-count and poll results speak for themselves.

    I'll try, of course!

    I think the first one would be... "Trage es mit Fassung und sei ein Mann!"

    "Du erntest was du säst", although there are a few variants that aren't quite so literal, and often come in a more negative tone.

    "Du kannst einen Scheißhaufen nicht putzen / Du kannst Scheiße nicht putzen", with lots of different words that could replace "putzen", since German is cool like that, lots of words to get around repeating yourself all the time.

  4. #348142012-08-05 08:18:25 *Ecstasy said:

    Nächste Woche besuche ich die Hauptstadt Deutschlands, es wäre schön meine Führer zu sehen, aber ich weiß das er ein vielbeschäftigter Mann ist. Entschuldigen Sie mich für die schreckliche Deutsch, Ich schwänzte meine Schule sehr oft :'D