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  1. What type of person do you hate ??

    #348292012-08-05 13:18:49 *real said:

    I hate it when people get/act mad and tend to scold/judge/smartass mode/troll/bitches.... over little things innocent people do just to fullfill their live long dream of being an attention whore ..... just like I do

    FUCK NO ! only flea-invaded lions with no manes would do that THEY JUST meow


    YES ! YOU !!!!!!!! fuck

    ~ the most polite person in the internet

  2. #348822012-08-05 20:15:25AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I wouldn't hate a person for what they do, but I would hate how they do it. The good thing about that is that I won't just randomly walk up to that person and start telling them off just because I hate it. No, I'm particular about that, so unless said person asks my opinion about it, I won't say a word. But when they ask me, I'll be blunt with my answers. Feelings will not be spared. That's why many people who know me don't bother asking me anymore.

  3. #349312012-08-06 02:46:36Jenna38 said:

    The type of person who actually has to ask themself this question. no offence lol. But, It is really silly. We can hate people, but it won't change anything. I prefer to withhold myself from grudges and such. I don't hate people so much as I just hate what they do. And, if anybody does anything extremely horrific to you personally then just remember that their actions DO come back to them. nough' said.

  4. #351132012-08-07 15:00:02 *shafnat said:

    i hate people who praise my art, but in fact she/he has something to say to my art. that's one of many more.

    also people that cant accept and reject critism from others.

  5. #351422012-08-07 19:30:52momo said:

    Alrighty, it has been two days.

    @Real, if you would like your thread unlocked, click the "Edit" link underneat the first post in the thread and add in some helpful tags. For what tags are suggested, please read this excert from the guidelines:

    When making or using a tag, be sure that it is objective and descriptive. What this means is that it ought to be based in fact, not your opinion. For instance, if you wish to tag a thread about Puella Magi Madoka Magica, then the tags anime, puella_magi_madoka_magica, shaft, and urobuchi_gen would all be fitting. The tags awesome, mindscrew, and mami_is_the_best_character would be unfitting, and subject for removal.