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  1. Doctor who: Series 7 Discussion

    #350882012-08-07 11:13:58 *sully said:


    As many of you are aware of this, the new series of Doctor who will be released this August. For those that have not seen the trailer here it is:

    The first five episodes will contain and feature the following:

    • Daleks That's right! they are back

    • Dinosaurs

    • Weeping Angels

    • As well as the departure of the ponds.

      Sadly, this will be the mid-season finale that we shall all take with the doctor, who first appeared in 1963 and after 16 years of absence reappeared in 2005. The release date is yet to be conformed.

    Let the discussion commence, talk about your feelings of each episode, what you think will happen and together we shall all take the last voyage with the beloved doctor.


    News have been said that a movie will be released some point this year. For more information Click here

  2. #351502012-08-07 20:46:34Usagii said:

    Ohoohoho, I's so psyched up for this ♥ I don't think the Daleks are overused because they're meant to serve as a returning arch-nemesis for the Doctor; though I do agree that they were a bit overused in Rose's time as a companion but alas, they never fail to amuse me with their silly voices ehehe.

    Oh god I will miss the show so much - I remember watching the first episode with the Ninth doctor and pretending to own a sonic screw driver whilst my brother played Rose ahaha ;u; This series will forever be in my heart and shan't die from there, though I'm sure the fandom will ensure it's longevity.

    I really hope to see the old companions, especially Donna who's my favourite ;u; - I want the last episode to . . . collect? Rather than be allllll action ahah - that's the nostalgia kicking in okay ahaha ;u;

  3. #351522012-08-07 21:03:52HutchHutchenson said:

    I dunno. The idea of dinosaurs in space is kinda retarded to me. Bottom of the barrel for ideas. And the weeping angels, again? We've seen this twice now so it's no surprise anymore. My only hope is they let this silly River Song crap die.

  4. #351612012-08-07 22:18:08Kyuuun said:

    I'm not excited for the Pond's leaving. I think I saw a tweet by Steven Moffat saying "If the Pond's leaving didn't make you cry, I didn't do my job right." I can't be assed to find it again, but still. If the Pond's leaving is sad, I don't know how I'm going to deal. They grew on me. I also heard rumors it had to do with the Angels and my God, I hate the angels. Daleks are always fun to see, though, so excited for that.

  5. #351652012-08-08 00:29:21 *Maryam said:

    Not to say that "The Silence" ark wasn't long enough but I find them very interesting. To forget them right after you've seen them and go from nothing to hundreds of marks on your arms. It scares me constantly.

    I think Moffat has done a wonderful job, but I honestly will not miss the Ponds all that much. I wont miss Amy, to be more exact. I find her rather...loose. HOW COULD SHE KISS THE DOCTOR ON THE DAY OF HER MARRIAGE? Utterly disgusting imo. Because of this, I never took to her. Yes, she's probably the most attractive companion but I find that to be one of the very little things she has going for her. Rory and River, I love though.

    Don't even get me started on Matt Smith, oh god. Nevermind that.

    Yay I can't wait for the new season.

  6. #351672012-08-08 01:16:14Kyuuun said:

    I mean, if I had either a timelord or Rory on my hand who have both played an important role in my life I'd be confused on who to pick. The new companion I'm worried about. iskahdfasidhfisfdha. I love Matt, I think he's really great and I mean, yeah Tennant was brilliant, but the whole idea of "The Doctor" is that there's always a new face for him and it's fun. I hope they won't finish the show with Smith though, that'll be sad.

  7. #352042012-08-08 15:50:27Ipotane said:

    Okay i must admit thinking about Doctor Who always makes me angry but every year the trailer comes around and i get hyped beyond belief. I can't wait for this series i want to see who that cool looking cyborg cowboy is or those giant robots on that ship are! I think all in all i've missed the ridiculousness Of doctor who in my life and it's about time it's coming back to TV! My Saturday nights have meaning again. Also i really hope they don't end it i want to see a new doctor now, as much as i love Matt Smith i think his time is coming to an end.

    ...maybe i should be the next one ;)

  8. #352472012-08-09 13:01:08 *sully said:

    Am I the only one that feels like the daleks are overused?

    Well that is true, but if you think about it the daleks are, in someway, the mirror version of the doctor. They should have all been destroyed during the great time war but a single dalek managed to survive, this is the same with the doctor, the doctor should have died but he didn't. Throughout all the series, the daleks have managed to overcome the impossible and live. The last that we see of the daleks was when david tennant committed genocide, I may be wrong, but will update it once i find out Similarly, in the closing time and The Wedding of River Song, the doctor, evidently was meant to die on that beach but he didn't. See the connection there? This is just my theory, if the daleks were to be completely be destroyed from all of the entire universe, including the parallel world, then doesn't that mean that the doctor also dies forever?

    I am excited for the new season but I'm already gearing myself up for disappointment.

    The only thing i'm hoping for is for the doctor to finally reveal his true alien name. His ally, Dorium, in the previous episode said that the question the Silence were attempting to prevent will be asked as they did not succeed in killing him. Doctor who?

    And the weeping angels, again? We've seen this twice now so it's no surprise anymore

    It's a pity that the overuse of Weeping angel will make them less scary as they were when the first appeared.


    I'd support that all the way!

    I'm not excited for the Pond's leaving. I think I saw a tweet by Steven Moffat saying "If the Pond's leaving didn't make you cry, I didn't do my job right." I can't be assed to find it again,

    I really want to see how Steven Moffat will managed to pull that one. The departing of Donna Nobel was the one that felt like someone had kicked my guts, it was emotional and sentimental. For Rose, it was alright, sad and touchy. Though if the doctor did say his final words to her before he disappeared would it have changed the atmosphere?

  9. #352542012-08-09 14:48:24Gargron said:

    I'm a bit angry at Moffat's series because he burned the bridges to the old one. No U.N.I.T., no Torchwood, old companions mentioned once as holograms, no Master, no Shadow Protocol.

    And the new Daleks look like a rainbow and have much less funny voices. Matt Smith himself, though, is a lovable, brilliant Doctor.

    But the stories. Ugh.