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  1. The Colorless's Purpose

    #352202012-08-08 23:12:30 *momo said:

    Alrighty, we've obviously gone over this point before, and I obviously have my own views on it. I would like to have your feedback ,the feedback of the users.

    What I would like to ask is:

    What is the purpose of The Colorless? Not what the staff needs to do, but what the users need to do. Do we change the world, and how? Do we strive to make this the best site ever?

    I want to know what you think, and will offer my own opinion at a later time.

  2. #352242012-08-08 23:49:11Chestnut_Rice said:

    The only purpose The Colorless needs to exist is to exist. Is that not purpose enough? It's own existence is its justification for existing. It is a platform for discussion and other things to happen. Why does 4chan exist? Gaia? Pretty much the same reason. As for what it should look like in the future, again I return to the main appeal of being a halfway point between a chaotic image board with complete anonymity and a site catered to attention-whoring 12 year-olds with tacky ads and product placements.

    And @acostoss, I appreciate you refraining from commenting until a good discussion has followed the initial question. I've learned and applied this principle and found that exchange of opinion is a lot freer and natural if you don't offer an answer immediately. Thanks for that.

  3. #352252012-08-08 23:59:54 *Flywalker37 said:

    To me, is a place to kick back and discuss (?) certain topics after a hard days' work. A place for the modern geek, newfag or oldfag, to converse with like-minded users about philosophy, anime, video games, music, art, coding, and all the other stuff that makes us who we are.

    We don't necessarily need to change the conditions in our city, let alone the world... Nor do we need to strive to make this the best site ever. We aren't the Dollars. We aren't Facebook, either.

    However, we are the Colorless. And the Colorless is just as the name implies-- there's no judging of users based on where you're from, what you do for a living, or what care you drive, your sexual orientation -- whether you prefer subs or dubs...

    Everyone is equal. Everyone's some level of geek in their own way. Everyone has something to say. And I believe that is what makes The Colorless what it is. The USERS. The staff has made a safe haven for we, the people, to chill back in. I can personally say that I've wasted (?) more time on here than any amount of time on Facebook, however amusing the site may be.

    While the site may seem as if it's not very successful in the eyes of the staff, it isn't the staff's fault -- or anyone's fault, for that matter - it's the users being here in general. Everyone isn't perfect -- we're not all Chuck Norris. There will be some people who don't conduct themselves in an appropriate matter, and at some times the shovel may have to crack open a couple skulls before the community is at peace (?) again.

    But! What you (the staff) has achieved, is much greater than you may think. It's pretty biggish. It's got a nice new look. And, it's become quite a big topic as to what to strive for next... Changing the world? Let's try local meet-ups and doing good deeds for our [irl] communities. Little PSA's via Youtube / Vimeo. Creating free music available for download via torrents. Maybe a little HTML-5 animation going on for the site itself to raise users (hey, eye candy can be quite deceiving (?). Why even bother at all to do these things? Well, it's not all about what we can do... It's about if we want to put in the time and effort to make ourselves well-known. I wanna live to see the day when I can look somebody dead in the eye and say, "Hey! I was a member of The Colorless, and together we made the world a little better!"

    So let's all raise our glasses to the staff, and let's pave the way to a better future for everyone... At least everyone with a hi-speed internet connection.

    With high spirits, and hard (?) work, we can do what's necessary to either change the world, or at least make this place a bit nicer for everyone.

    ...And that's what ya boi Luke "Flywalker" G. has to say on the matter.

    Longest post I'd ever written, sorry for novel. And just for whatever's sake, you don't put an " 's " on the end of a word that ends with s. You just end it with " ' ". So, the title of this thread should be "The Colorless' Purpose".

  4. #352262012-08-09 00:53:34OneDollar said:

    For me, it is to read the forum every so often and posting if I find interesting. But more importantly, for me, its the chat room. This is where everything fun happens, random banta, drama and, sometimes but not often, mind provoking discussions.

    To me, colorless is a place to have random fun.

    Secretly, I think we should be dollars, helping people and saving the world.

  5. #352282012-08-09 01:13:15Yuki009 said:

    Umm.. Well I haven't been active for a long while, but in the end there's one site I always return too, and that is this site. So I guess, for me atleast, the purpose of this site is to just hang out and have some laughs, or whatever. haha ^-^

  6. #352312012-08-09 01:38:25 *Domo said:

    I think CL is a haven for people who don't fit in. I mean, I think we can all admit we're introverts or just socially awkward. CL is a place where we aren't freaks anymore and there's no one to ignore us. We're just one big, happy, dysfunctional community. If we were to change the world, we'd have to start with ourselves, no? We can barely maintain ourselves, but it's nice to think that we could change the world. We have enough users worldwide and we get along to some extent, so why the hell not? As for the perfect website, I don't mean to be cliche, but I think we've already achieved that.

  7. #352342012-08-09 02:46:09Ethereal said:

    I feel The Colorless is a place to both seek help from, and contribute to each other when in need. This can be in the forum of direct help, such as question/answers, or just from being there and having a community to talk, even if it doesn't relate to whatever you may need help with. A place where you can meet other people that all, for the most part, on your side.

    I think the best and easiest way to say what I feel the purpose of The Colorless is, is just to be one big team without knowing all your team members right off the bat. It's not a team for any game, or a team for just anime or games or discussion, but a team for everything and anything.

  8. #352352012-08-09 02:48:41 *Settsuo-kun said:

    To me theColorless never really had a purpose. It was inspired by a anime and then took on a form of it's own over time. It never had a chance to gain a purpose since it was constantly changing and evolving. Right now I see it as a teenager still deciding colleges.

    As it is it's just a reflection of it's users, aimless even when we are aiming for something. It's not good or bad, but it's just how it is. I'm don't even know why I'm here, but I am daily even with a casual hiatus here and there. It's something here that other sites can't emulate no matter how crudely they copy the design. It'll find a purpose sooner or later, I'll be here when it does and tag along for whatever it decides it wants to go for after.

  9. #352402012-08-09 06:19:30 *someone said:

    For me, it's to talk to you guys, post on forums, give what I would consider "mayfly oldfags" hell, and whatever fun.

    I've always seen it as a place of general shenanigans, really. Oh, and helping those in need when necessary.

  10. #352482012-08-09 14:03:41 *sully said:

    If i said the the site was a place to waste time then i'd be lying.

    For me, thecolorless a place to meet new people, to find new information of stuff and to relax. And what @PigBoss said sums it up.

  11. #352582012-08-09 15:24:40BakaPoon said:

    i never thought there was a purpose..... i just wonder around the web and somehow.... ended up here, and its great!! :D

  12. #352692012-08-09 20:39:24 *Fieyr said:

    I don't think it's necessary to fit our purpose into 1 perfectly clear cut definition. Our interests are too diverse. Our reasons for being here, too different. The purpose of the site is simply a reflection of the interests of its users. All the users need to do is to continue enjoying the aspects of the site that they find most interesting whether that be chat, forum discussion, projects, or whatever else they can come up with.

    Therefore, instead of trying to hammer the purpose of the site down into one definition, which I believe would alienate many users, I think the site should instead look for ways to facilitate and support the various interests of its users. I'd start that process by asking users what their favorite activities are on the site and obtaining feedback regarding how they think these activities could be improved, either by actual functional changes to the site or by changes that affect the environment within which they participate in activities. ie: rule changes, moderation, etc.

    And I apologize for not completely adhering to the topic... it's just that I think the purpose of the site varies for each user and the functionality and environment of the site itself directly affect the degree to which each user can enjoy their time here. Inextricably bound... so to speak.

  13. #352932012-08-10 03:52:43123-456-7890 said:

    i use CL to chat with others when i get lonely or bored. i also come on when i have an interesting idea and make a thread about it. its also a fun place to meet some interesting people

  14. #353022012-08-10 07:56:20momo said:

    Welll again, it seems like I am left with little to say. This is the same feelings I have had for a while, that The Colorless is just a unique forum, not the forefront of some charity group. We should focus on doing fun things with eachother, and the staff should focus on making that as simple/intuitive as possible

    Affirmation is a great feeling.

  15. #354332012-08-12 05:25:28BohemianFallacy said:

    I'm going to have to second Kirn on this one. And I don't even visit as much as I used to (probably because I do feel the sense of unity fading in this community, if I can even call it such anymore).

  16. #354792012-08-12 22:23:18Ashkachan said:

    A place to chill when I'm stressed or just want to talk to people. I joined CL when I was super bored, obviously. I get bored often so uh yeah.

    I haven't been on much due to real-life, boyfriend, etc. getting in my way. But I'm way more active than I have been for months lately so that's changing I guess.

    CL shouldn't be about Durarara!! anymore, it should be just a place to chill and talk to cool people. There shouldn't be silly drama everywhere! ;_;