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  1. [Beta] War of the Roses Game

    #353032012-08-10 08:06:31 *OneDollar said:

    War of the Roses is a new IP that transports players back in time to the battle-ravaged, dynastic civil war era of 15th century England where ownership of the throne of England was brutally fought over between supporters of two rival branches of the Royal House of Plantagenet - the house of Lancaster (the reds) and the house of York (the whites).

    A team-based multiplayer melee combat experience, War of The Roses sees players and their band of knights going toe-to-toe with their opponents using authentic and visceral weapons of the time period including broad swords, long bows and battle-axes.

    Built on a stunning graphics engine which vividly portrays the fighting from an up-close-and-personal third-person perspective, War of the Roses features a rich online multiplayer experience. Players will get the chance to lead their warrior through a rich progression system, gaining upgrades and unlocking new content on their path from filthy peasant to unstoppable armored killing machine.

    This game looks pretty fun, see for yourself in the two videos I put in the thread.

    However the main reason I posted in the thread is so I can get into the beta. Here is the link for you to sign up yourself in the beta . I just need 2 beta sign ups and I can get in 'higher priority'.

    Please post if you have signed up so once I get 2, I may change the url to some other person's referral link. Feel free to post your own referral link in the comments.

  2. #353042012-08-10 08:26:32Senkonna said:

    I may change the url to some other person's referral link.

    Since when the fuck were we able to edit the header URL?