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  1. #356012012-08-13 10:44:31DeathByBiscuit said:

    I don't have a lot of crushes, you need to be a very special person to be on my crush list. Those who are should feel special and warm inside.

  2. #356272012-08-13 13:24:15Lycan said:

    I was. I searched the entire site and counted each and every mention from every user, ever.

    To think that people think I contribute with nothing......

  3. #356292012-08-13 13:36:22Maryam said:

    @Lycan is a liar. He is claiming all my hard work and I will not stand for it. So I'll sit and say that I was the proud judge of this.

  4. #357192012-08-13 23:06:42Lycan said:

    Are you saying that I, too, am a douche, or that I can't hide it?

    Because I don't think I'm anything close to a douche. Really. I may be many things, but douche? Nope.

  5. #356862012-08-13 19:45:37momo said:

    Both Kirn and DC are big crushes of mine, though it seems to be one-sided. They both mention me much more than I mention them.