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  1. Metalocalypse (Season 3)

    #356112012-08-13 12:13:50 *Deftones said:

    So has anyone watched this yet? It's as brutal as the other seasons, they have also added some more to the story.

    basicly, the band members are gods/chosen ones. Derp.

    Anyway, not many songs in this season, because Nathan Explosion axed the shit out of the master record. But they still do concerts and everyone still dies, good stuff.

    The ending of this season is just as brutally awesome as the last endings, new characters are added, an old band member comes into play. Skwisgaar is still fantastics on guitar, delivering mind blowing solos, Toki still plays rhythm guitar, and sucks dildos at it. Murderface is still an ugly motherfucker, Pickles is still a drunk.

    This season they didn't release any CD with the show, so I really think that next season they'll release a CD. And it looks as if next season will be the last. Go watch it you stupid dildos. Brutal.